Another first

When I turned 50 this year, I decided to try to do things for the first time, since this is my first year in a new decade. Today, I went swimming at the beach all by myself. This is no small undertaking, to which anyone who wears glasses and is severely myopic will attest. The … Continue reading Another first


Get out of your rut

In the interest of getting out of my rut, my husband and I went the other side of town. One of the perks was that the facility had a pool. No big whoop for me, because I don't much like chlorinated pools. My husband does though, so even though it was late (9:30pm is … Continue reading Get out of your rut

Heavy sigh

I watched a Dr. Oz episode that I taped last week, just for something mindless to do for an hour. I usually tape them every week, read what the topic is, then delete them without watching them. This time there was one I wanted to watch...something about losing weight and maybe becoming a millionaire...great! Sign … Continue reading Heavy sigh

The honeymoon is over

Well, the vacation may have just started but....the party? It's definitely over. What am I talking about? I got off the scale a minute ago. It wasn't pretty. After I got over being mad at myself (you know, for getting on it in the first place) I decided to (try to) get real. I did … Continue reading The honeymoon is over

The day I ate whatever I wanted: Part 2 B (the day of)

My friend Susan told me to have a: "Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the whole day and do what YOU want!!" My response: "Well, since I'm working it will be hard to DO whatever I want, but instead I'm going to EAT whatever I want!" 🙂 So here goes: Day 2B of "The day I ate whatever … Continue reading The day I ate whatever I wanted: Part 2 B (the day of)

Spring garden, part 1: the herbs

In honor of National Herb Week (first week of May) we're starting to get our herb garden into shape for this year. A quick tour of the raised bed revealed a nice surprise: some of last years perennial herbs have greened up already and are looking pretty edible. The first ones I noticed were the chives. As Stephen … Continue reading Spring garden, part 1: the herbs

Write it down, make it happen

Okay, it's a book (not mine!) title. It occurred to me to apply the philosophy of: "If you build it, they will come" espoused by James Earl Jones and put into force by Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams movie which coincidently (?!) contained a female lead character named "Karen" (not sure how she … Continue reading Write it down, make it happen

Clearing Clutter for Clarity, continued

I have unsubscribed from many of the automatic emails that I've been getting. You know, the ones from stores that promise to send you exclusive coupons if you sign up? Well, what I've found that (for me)  what that leads to is the clutter of the (nearly daily) emails from them in my inbox, which … Continue reading Clearing Clutter for Clarity, continued

Pause and reflect

Spring has sprung me--and as they say, better late than never. My cocoon of too much food and too little exercise has cracked open. What I've learned this winter is this: the more I eat, the more I want to eat, and the less I exercise, the less I want to exercise. My wake up … Continue reading Pause and reflect

Kennebunk Winterfest with tweens

The Kennebunk 2011 Winterfest was yesterday in (you guessed it) Kennebunk, Maine. It was great that it wasn't February 25th, since we got (yet another unwelcome) snowstorm. It was fun, but would have been more so if it had been about 10 degrees warmer (I'm just sayin'). It kicked off with a pancake breakfast at … Continue reading Kennebunk Winterfest with tweens