I am an Author, Energy Healer, and Coach.

I write about relationships to help you find insight into your own. My books remind you that you are brave and in charge of your own life. When you start listening to your own intuition and act accordingly instead of doing what you think you’re supposed to do, that’s when everything will begin to fall into place.

I love to talk…

about writing, National Novel Writing Month, my practice of “My One Word”, and about being brave and standing up for yourself. (Disclaimer: Okay, I really just love to talk. In general. About almost anything. Except politics!!!)

I interview one woman every month about something brave they’ve done.

Find the interviews right here on the blog tab: The BRAVE Interviews

Would you like to be interviewed? Email me at karen@karencreamer.com!

Contact me at karen@karencreamer.com if you would like me to speak at your group or organization!

Check out the media page  and events page to see my interviews and appearances on TV, the radio, podcasts, and print.

Oh, one more thing! (Sorry, that’s just the Columbo in me) 🙂 I publish a newsletter occasionally: Clarity, Comfort, and Connection.  I am always looking for suggestions for what to include! Send your ideas to kmcwrites@gmail.com

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