Karen has been writing since she was ten years old, when she furiously scribbled a lot of angst about nothing in the small spiral bound notebooks that she then hid under her mattress, which fooled nobody. Every year in November, as part of National Novel Writing Month, she writes a novel. In 2016, she published one of them, One Brave Thing, and in 2017 she published the second one, What if Bebe Stays with Steven?

Karen writes about relationships to help people find insight into their own. Her books remind women that they are brave and in charge of their own lives. If you trust your intuition and act accordingly, you will survive and thrive!

Her first non-fiction book will be available in the spring of 2018:

 Honor Your Health: How to Use Holistic Healing to Create Comfort, Clarity, and Connection

Karen’s first newsletter, Creating Comfort, Clarity, and Connection, came out in August, 2017. She is always looking for suggestions for what to include! Send your ideas to kmcwrites@gmail.com

Karen’s favorite things to do are reading and writing. Oh, and going to the ocean (the cure for all ills). Karen writes about anything that interests her, which most recently is books (other people’s as well as her own) and metaphysical healing (she is also a Registered Nurse Health Coach and Reiki Master Teacher).

Somehow she was also blessed to marry the love of her life and have two amazing children. Karen blogs here at kwrites.comkarencoaches.com, and has a photo blog at wellsbeachblog.wordpress.com.

Reach Karen at kmcwrites@gmail.com.