From sh*t list to hit list

I have recently written about my evolving taste in movies. That got me thinking about some other things that I like now that I used to hate. Here are a few: Fish. With the exception of canned tuna, I hated fish. This may have stemmed from when I was young and mom made fish sticks for … Continue reading From sh*t list to hit list


Back in the saddle again. Not.

I was thinking that now that the kids are back in school, I should resume my walking routine. I used to walk 3 miles or so every morning around 6:45am, before I did anything else...even before I went to the gym or yoga class. I did it every day just like clockwork. Until I stopped. … Continue reading Back in the saddle again. Not.


So, my 3 mile, 30 minute morning walking route? It's really only 2.14 miles and takes me 34 minutes to walk it. How do I know this? I downloaded an app to my iPhone called RunKeeper (and NO, I NEVER run but it tracks lots of activities in the free version) and walked my usual … Continue reading Betrayed

Another first

When I turned 50 this year, I decided to try to do things for the first time, since this is my first year in a new decade. Today, I went swimming at the beach all by myself. This is no small undertaking, to which anyone who wears glasses and is severely myopic will attest. The … Continue reading Another first

Movie free association

I was in yoga class (small group, all women) last week and someone (okay, it was me) started talking about how Sleepless in Seattle had been on TV the night before. Soon, everyone was mentioning their "go-to" movies, the ones that you have to watch whenever they are on TV, even if you have the … Continue reading Movie free association

Losing my mind

Here is just a small sampling of the fruits of my distraction over the past couple of weeks. Went to my hair appointment, got out of the car, looked for my pocketbook, realized I'd left it at home. I could clearly see it in my mind's eye hanging over the back of the kitchen chair. … Continue reading Losing my mind

The honeymoon is over

Well, the vacation may have just started but....the party? It's definitely over. What am I talking about? I got off the scale a minute ago. It wasn't pretty. After I got over being mad at myself (you know, for getting on it in the first place) I decided to (try to) get real. I did … Continue reading The honeymoon is over

Vacation week (continued, day 2)

Saturday (Day 2) was a full day.  Yoga in the morning at Windsong Yoga with my favorite yoga teacher Kristen. Then stopped in at Fetch'n Fun for their fundraiser for The Lucky Pup Rescue. Then my daughter and I picked up her friend Madi for a tween day. Library first (the girls did a scavenger … Continue reading Vacation week (continued, day 2)

Summer Vacation: What I actually DID do

You know how they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men..." to paraphrase John Steinbeck? Well, true that. Day 1: Friday:  The entire day did not end up being wasted waiting for the fridge to be delivered (and the accompanying emptying out and filling back up thereof) that I anticipated when the delivery … Continue reading Summer Vacation: What I actually DID do

Working from home, week one

At the end of my first week working from home, I thought I'd reflect a little on how it's all going. There were several things that I knew would be different, but my days are shaping up to be much different from how I envisioned them. One of my friends said that she was worried that she'd be … Continue reading Working from home, week one