Lunch on the lam

Sometimes life in the cube can get overwhelming. Have you ever been at work and just wanted to take a break? I mean, really, take a break. Change the scenery for a half an hour? Not make small talk? Not force positivity for just a little while? This is when an audio book can come … Continue reading Lunch on the lam


Kennebunk Winterfest with tweens

The Kennebunk 2011 Winterfest was yesterday in (you guessed it) Kennebunk, Maine. It was great that it wasn't February 25th, since we got (yet another unwelcome) snowstorm. It was fun, but would have been more so if it had been about 10 degrees warmer (I'm just sayin'). It kicked off with a pancake breakfast at … Continue reading Kennebunk Winterfest with tweens


"The first wealth is health," said Ralph Waldo Emerson. You can say that again. After not catching a cold for years and years, I have had two (this is my second) in one month. How did this happen? True, my friends have had colds, and my husband and daughter are just getting over colds, but … Continue reading Colds

National Homemade Soup Day

This year, it's this week (yesterday, actually) but hey, soup is forgiving!'s some reasons to dive in: Top 5 reasons to make some homemade soup: You've got some leftover turkey (or chicken)  bones from your Thanksgiving (or Christmas or New Year's Day) dinner in your freezer. You are living in New England, it's winter, and you are freezing … Continue reading National Homemade Soup Day

Snow day! Top ten (fun) things to do

I have not had a snow day for quite a while  (the Christmas Blizzard doesn't count because I was too worried about my husband and son driving home from work in it to enjoy it). I decided to plan ahead for the next one, so I was ready to dive into distraction at a moment's notice. … Continue reading Snow day! Top ten (fun) things to do

The (other) cure for what ails you

Apart from the ocean, the other cure for anything is homemade chicken (or turkey) soup. Who supports using chicken soup as a curative? Well, besides me and most of the mothers and grandmothers in the history of the world, The Mayo Clinic sings its praises.  Chicken soup acts as an anti-inflammatory and it also speeds up the passage … Continue reading The (other) cure for what ails you