Victory Garden

One of the pillars of the Global Domination Agenda is to control the food supply. Why not control your own food supply by planting a garden? Planting a garden of any size (including a potted tomato on the patio) is an act of defiance against that plan. You can plant seedlings instead of seeds to … Continue reading Victory Garden

Garden 2020

I've seen different versions of this quote that is usually attributed to Henry Kissinger: "If you control the food supply, you control the people”. To me, this suggests that it may be more important than ever to make an effort to grow some of your own food. Planting a garden is nothing new for us. … Continue reading Garden 2020

We the PEOPLE’S New World Vision

I had the entire day--the entire weekend, actually--all planned out and then when I awoke this morning, I didn't feel right. Nothing really specific, just sort of 'off'. I started the day with some yoga, hoping it would bring me out of it, but afterward I felt the same. I continued to get ready for … Continue reading We the PEOPLE’S New World Vision

A simple daily practice

I learned this daily practice from a webinar that Bob Proctor gave recently. This is my interpretation of the process: *Write down 10 things for which you are grateful. *Send loving-kindess to 3 people who feel challenging to you. *Sit for 5 minutes and ask for guidance for the day. That's it. I decided to … Continue reading A simple daily practice

The secret to writing (the draft of) your book in 30 days–

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) starts November 1, as it does every year. This will be my TENTH NaNoWriMo! In a nutshell, NaNoWriMo is when you commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days, the minimum words needed to be considered a novel (according to the Powers That Be in NaNoLand). Every year that I … Continue reading The secret to writing (the draft of) your book in 30 days–

Have you checked out my new website yet?

There has been a lot of great things happening on my new website, The BRAVE Interview with Jane Fecteau posted June 1st. I kicked off The Holistic Practitioners Interview Series (inspired by my new book, Honor Your Health (watch the trailer here), releasing by 8.3.18) in May with Kristen Leighton, Yoga Practitioner. I posted my review … Continue reading Have you checked out my new website yet?

I have exciting news!

I have finally decided to #BeBrave and put my own name on my online presence. I am gathering up my author website and my coach website and uniting them into one shiny new website,! You can still follow me on both of my Facebook pages: K.M. Creamer, Author and Metaphysical Nurse. Clarity … Continue reading I have exciting news!