Losing my mind

Here is just a small sampling of the fruits of my distraction over the past couple of weeks. Went to my hair appointment, got out of the car, looked for my pocketbook, realized I'd left it at home. I could clearly see it in my mind's eye hanging over the back of the kitchen chair. … Continue reading Losing my mind


Not wasting my vacation

I think that it's very important to get out of your rut--I mean, routine--on your vacation week. This is especially challenging, of course, if you are taking (yet another) staycation. Having part of your time off fall during the holidays can make it a little easier to break out...as in the  "Hel-lo? What day is … Continue reading Not wasting my vacation

Homemade eggrolls with friends

Last spring (we finally agreed that it was in the spring; I thought it was in the summer) my husband and I got together with another couple of friends to make authentic homemade egg rolls. Our friends make them every 3 or 4 months at home, but were gracious enough to drive an hour and … Continue reading Homemade eggrolls with friends

Angels dropping a dime

I dreamed about my mother last night. We were in the house she grew up in and ultimately died in. We were standing together on the back porch, looking out at the snow-covered street. It was very sunny and bright, and we were watching a plow making its way through the snow drifts, clearing a … Continue reading Angels dropping a dime

Angels and the creative process

Instead of writing my blog post and examiner.com article and more NaNoWriMo words yesterday afternoon (and well into the evening...), I helped my tween daughter with her project for school. The assignment was to make a collage that showcased the following: Your career aspirations Your interests Your talents Something else that I can't remember (*midlife … Continue reading Angels and the creative process

Thoughts on writing

My first book written during NaNoWriMo 2010Okay, I was going to entitle this post "On Writing" but didn't want to piss Stephen King off. This is my second year participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge. For those of you that wonder what that alphabet soup of letters stands for, it's National Novel Writing Month and it … Continue reading Thoughts on writing

Clearing clutter (continued)

I decided to take two days off from the computer and surprise! When I logged into my email today there were 97 messages. Ninety. Seven. Messages. I blame myself. I have subscribed to so many food blogs (for recipe purposes) and department stores and restaurants (for coupon and discount purposes) and writers and agents blogs (for … Continue reading Clearing clutter (continued)


My husband usually calls to chat when he's commuting from work. "Remind me when I get home; I have something for you," he said. I wondered what it might be. He often brings home little surprises. Sometimes it's a pastry of some sort, or a plant, or a book that he thinks that I might … Continue reading WHAT is THAT?

What do (married) men want?

I don't know about you, but when I go to the beach, I am most comfortable when almost every inch of me is covered from my chest to oh, say about mid-thigh. Let's just say that I am a big fan of those skirted bathing suits, which my husband refers to as 'mommy-suits' (or in … Continue reading What do (married) men want?