Garden 2020

I've seen different versions of this quote that is usually attributed to Henry Kissinger: "If you control the food supply, you control the people”. To me, this suggests that it may be more important than ever to make an effort to grow some of your own food. Planting a garden is nothing new for us. … Continue reading Garden 2020


Cicely’s Japanese Maple Tree

We have a Japanese Maple Tree in our backyard. We brought it here when we moved from another house, and we had brought it to that house when we moved from another house. Even that wasn't its original location though. In all, moving it to this home was its third transplantation. From whence did it … Continue reading Cicely’s Japanese Maple Tree

May planting

We planted the last bed on the last day of May. Tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squashes, peppers, spaghetti squash, various eggplants. I'm bummed out that I couldn't find a purple and white striped eggplant variety this year, or a purple bell pepper, but what can you do? We did find and plant some blue potatoes, and that is … Continue reading May planting

Garden Update

The garden is looking about as well as expected for early November. I still have carrots in the ground that I haven't had time to pull. I have snapped off some of the greens from them to feed to the chickens who LOVE them, but otherwise, that's it. The carrot portion is still laying on … Continue reading Garden Update

How to grow a watermelon

How do you grow a watermelon? Darned if I know. Here in Southern Maine in spring and summertime,  the growing (of anything, really) doesn't (usually) come easy. Someone must know how, because I see them all the time at my local farm store, Spillers. I see them at the Farmers Markets. I see them at … Continue reading How to grow a watermelon

Vacation week (continued, day 3)

Sunday (Day 3) started off great. Got up early but for a good reason: to meet friends for brunch. We were on the road by 8AM headed for Cape Elizabeth's The Good Table. We are forging a tradition with our friends of semi-annual Sunday brunches at this lovely place. Our timing was perfect and for … Continue reading Vacation week (continued, day 3)

Menaces in the garden

The garden is doing great. I might have even said amazingly great, if my husband didn't find the disgusting green tomato destroyers munching on the vines this week. May I just take one moment to say 'Ew'?  They are very hard to see (think Where's Waldo); hanging on to the stems their gross little legs … Continue reading Menaces in the garden

Garden update: end of May

The veggies are in! Found some interesting tomato varieties and practiced supreme self control by not buying all of them. New tomatoes (so far) for me this year are Taxi, Chiquita, Mr Stripey. Old standbys that are returning: Sweet 100's, Lemon Boy, Brandywine, Black Cherry, a couple of Romas. I am told by the Master Gardner … Continue reading Garden update: end of May

How to plant asparagus and potatoes (spring garden part 2)

After the rototilling (thanks, Bill!) and the fertilizing and the leveling the soil in the raised beds with a rake was finished, we started planting. About a quarter of one of the gardens was planted with asparagus about 3 years ago, and we both love it so much we decided to expand that garden. We … Continue reading How to plant asparagus and potatoes (spring garden part 2)

Spring garden, part 1: the herbs

In honor of National Herb Week (first week of May) we're starting to get our herb garden into shape for this year. A quick tour of the raised bed revealed a nice surprise: some of last years perennial herbs have greened up already and are looking pretty edible. The first ones I noticed were the chives. As Stephen … Continue reading Spring garden, part 1: the herbs