The BRAVE Interview #8 March 2017: Jennifer Greiner

Here is #8 in The BRAVE Interview series! It’s the Who, What, When, Where, How, (and sometimes Why) of YOUR ‘one brave thing’! December’s interview is with Jennifer Greiner. 🙂 WHO are you? I am Jennifer Greiner, a strong, individual woman who knows what she wants and works hard to get it.  I am passionate, caring … Continue reading The BRAVE Interview #8 March 2017: Jennifer Greiner


The story of Sheri

My husband's friend Bob died earlier this year. My friend Sheri died earlier this week. Early in 2006, Sheri became my mentor at my new job. Shortly thereafter, Sheri became my friend. To be fair, she was pretty much everybody's friend. She was just one of those warm, kind, caring people to whom others gravitated. Need … Continue reading The story of Sheri

Mantra for 2013

At a company that I worked for a while back, the atmosphere was dark and heavy. People often described the job as "Well, it is what it is." Body language and facial expressions left no doubt that what it was, well, was yucky. After years of hearing this "It is what it is" crap, it … Continue reading Mantra for 2013

Thoughts on writing

My first book written during NaNoWriMo 2010Okay, I was going to entitle this post "On Writing" but didn't want to piss Stephen King off. This is my second year participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge. For those of you that wonder what that alphabet soup of letters stands for, it's National Novel Writing Month and it … Continue reading Thoughts on writing

Working from home, week one

At the end of my first week working from home, I thought I'd reflect a little on how it's all going. There were several things that I knew would be different, but my days are shaping up to be much different from how I envisioned them. One of my friends said that she was worried that she'd be … Continue reading Working from home, week one

Working from home, day one

It's coming together; my office is just about set.  All of the equipment has been hauled home and (with the help of the teenager) connected to the modem and everything actually works. What's left to do is figure out what just does not fit and let it go (read: haul it back out of the … Continue reading Working from home, day one

Setting up a home office: the desk arrives

We got the call that the desk had arrived at the furniture warehouse and was ready to be picked up. They offered one more time to deliver it and assemble it in our home for the low, low price of $75. We had already turned this down once, but on this particular day my husband … Continue reading Setting up a home office: the desk arrives

Clear the clutter: get real

I'm still thinking about my New Year's Resolution: my one word that morphed into two words: Edit and Focus. After beginning the process of setting up a home office and the necessary decluttering that has come along with that, I am thinking it makes sense to continue the momentum that I've got built up and "take … Continue reading Clear the clutter: get real

Home Office: Post book purge

It took several days and lots of cold hard decision-making, but the purge is (almost) complete. It was interesting (and sad) for me to note that I had no less than 5 books about Simplifying My Life. We don't know when we'll be transitioned to working at home but we've pretty much been told to … Continue reading Home Office: Post book purge

Setting up a home office, continued: the purge

I've been reading Mary Carlomango's book Live More, Want Less slowly over a period of months. It's organized into 52 chapters and my initial intent was to read a chapter a week (as the author suggested), then implement the "action items"  listed at the end of each chapter to help pare down my belongings, hopefully simplifying my … Continue reading Setting up a home office, continued: the purge