Dear Coffee, I love you

"Before coffee, I'm up, I'm moving around, but I'm not awake," said some wise soul somewhere. Until I typed the words, I actually couldn't remember where I'd heard it but I just did. Peter Falk uttered this truism in one of his Columbo episodes. Truer words (about me) were never spoken. How did I get … Continue reading Dear Coffee, I love you


Tranquilize your (winter) writing

We need to take care of ourselves while we are spending endless hours writing at our computers. Just because the NaNoWriMo has officially ended, if you're like me, you have much writing still to do to get your project ready to see the light of day. We need to do things to keep our thoughts tranquil (OMG! … Continue reading Tranquilize your (winter) writing


If you love the minions and are trolling for minion products to surround yourself with happiness, I am here to lend you a hand. Walmart has small packages of minion stickers in the card/party section and boxes of minion bandaids in the (you guessed it) the bandaid section. Both are inexpensive, under $3. The Women's section has … Continue reading Minions!!

Stealth birthday party

Does someone have an upcoming birthday at work? Do something different and fun! It only takes a little bit of effort: a card, a happy birthday balloon, a quick graze-your-way-through-the afternoon potluck can make their (and your!) day. Don't tell the designated person in advance. This adds a layer of stealth that makes it all … Continue reading Stealth birthday party

Pi(e) Day

National Pie Day was January 23rd this year. I missed it. The "other" pie day is March 14. This Pi Day, the math Pi Day, is the second chance for those people who missed the first one. You know, like me. Like I do every year. Every year for the past several years in the … Continue reading Pi(e) Day


I recently spent a few minutes (okay, hours) trolling the Facebook news feed and something caught my eye. Someone (sorry, I have no idea who or what or when exactly) posted that every time you see a red cardinal, that is a sign that a loved one that has died is saying hello to you, … Continue reading Cardinals

The story of Sheri

My husband's friend Bob died earlier this year. My friend Sheri died earlier this week. Early in 2006, Sheri became my mentor at my new job. Shortly thereafter, Sheri became my friend. To be fair, she was pretty much everybody's friend. She was just one of those warm, kind, caring people to whom others gravitated. Need … Continue reading The story of Sheri

Mentoring: top ten tips

In my first career, I managed a restaurant. Over the years I trained a lot of waitresses, ice cream scoopers, grill cooks,  supervisors, and even managers. We had a three step process that worked really well.  First, she watched me do it. Next, I watched her do it. Finally, she did it by herself, but … Continue reading Mentoring: top ten tips

Clearing clutter (continued)

I decided to take two days off from the computer and surprise! When I logged into my email today there were 97 messages. Ninety. Seven. Messages. I blame myself. I have subscribed to so many food blogs (for recipe purposes) and department stores and restaurants (for coupon and discount purposes) and writers and agents blogs (for … Continue reading Clearing clutter (continued)

Staying in touch

Have you ever left a job and said, "Hey, let's keep in touch!" with a fellow coworker? Or perhaps the reverse happened: a friend from work moved on to greener pastures and you were sad when you heard her say, "Hey, we'll keep in touch!" Why? Because let's face it: how many of us actually do … Continue reading Staying in touch