Garden update: end of May

The veggies are in! Found some interesting tomato varieties and practiced supreme self control by not buying all of them. New tomatoes (so far) for me this year are Taxi, Chiquita, Mr Stripey. Old standbys that are returning: Sweet 100's, Lemon Boy, Brandywine, Black Cherry, a couple of Romas. I am told by the Master Gardner … Continue reading Garden update: end of May


How to plant asparagus and potatoes (spring garden part 2)

After the rototilling (thanks, Bill!) and the fertilizing and the leveling the soil in the raised beds with a rake was finished, we started planting. About a quarter of one of the gardens was planted with asparagus about 3 years ago, and we both love it so much we decided to expand that garden. We … Continue reading How to plant asparagus and potatoes (spring garden part 2)

Clearing Clutter for Clarity, continued

I have unsubscribed from many of the automatic emails that I've been getting. You know, the ones from stores that promise to send you exclusive coupons if you sign up? Well, what I've found that (for me)  what that leads to is the clutter of the (nearly daily) emails from them in my inbox, which … Continue reading Clearing Clutter for Clarity, continued

The 6 W’s diet

I was talking with someone the other day about her desire to lose weight. She and her friend were working on their weight and following a diet. "Which one?" I asked her. "The 6 W's diet," she replied. "What's that?" I asked. Since I work in the healthcare field, I thought I'd heard of them all, but this one … Continue reading The 6 W’s diet

The math of less and more

Okay, as you all probably know, I don't love to exercise. In the spirit of being sprung by Spring, though, I am trying to develop some exercise-program-momentum and keep moving.  Because I don't have to be at work until noon today instead of 9am (that's a whole 'nother story that I won't get started on … Continue reading The math of less and more

Pause and reflect

Spring has sprung me--and as they say, better late than never. My cocoon of too much food and too little exercise has cracked open. What I've learned this winter is this: the more I eat, the more I want to eat, and the less I exercise, the less I want to exercise. My wake up … Continue reading Pause and reflect


are you gardeners out there getting excited thinking about your vegetable gardens for this year? the rain last year left my tomatoes (and me) in misery; there was so much mold that when i finally did get a tomato or two that were edible, i had no appetite for it...and i love tomatoes. fortunately, this  is … Continue reading gardening

spring ritual

my italian grandmother always said her birthday was on the first day of spring. actually, every so often she was right; her birthday was march 21st, and spring is usually on march 20th, but not always:(  one sure sign that spring had come when i was little was The Making of the Dandelion Salad. my grandmother … Continue reading spring ritual

a spring miracle

i was amazed to see that my garden from LAST year has spinach and lettuce growing in it THIS could this happen? first of all, both are supposedly annuals ( they survive the winter?  hallelujah! then i thought, sure, it's growing, but is it edible? this not being medieval times, i had no assayer … Continue reading a spring miracle