Go ahead: make my day

It's time for our family's annual physicals. This morning I was there bright and early at 8am with my daughter for hers...so bright and early, in fact, that the office door was still locked (hey, here's a tip: if you schedule appointments for 8am at your office and you tell people to arrive 10 minutes early … Continue reading Go ahead: make my day


Working from home, day one

It's coming together; my office is just about set.  All of the equipment has been hauled home and (with the help of the teenager) connected to the modem and everything actually works. What's left to do is figure out what just does not fit and let it go (read: haul it back out of the … Continue reading Working from home, day one

Clear the clutter: get real

I'm still thinking about my New Year's Resolution: my one word that morphed into two words: Edit and Focus. After beginning the process of setting up a home office and the necessary decluttering that has come along with that, I am thinking it makes sense to continue the momentum that I've got built up and "take … Continue reading Clear the clutter: get real

Home Office: Post book purge

It took several days and lots of cold hard decision-making, but the purge is (almost) complete. It was interesting (and sad) for me to note that I had no less than 5 books about Simplifying My Life. We don't know when we'll be transitioned to working at home but we've pretty much been told to … Continue reading Home Office: Post book purge

Setting up a home office, Part Four: Flooring

We had a Berber carpet down in the room. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing except that it wasn't a wood floor and that's what we both really wanted. After we bought the house we planned to replace that floor at some point, and had been talking about it for about 5 years or so. We … Continue reading Setting up a home office, Part Four: Flooring

Setting up my home office, Part Three: Paint

The walls and ceiling of the office-to-be are white, so at least it will be easy to cover. Earlier this month I went paint color shopping with my husband at Lowe's. I spent an hour browsing through all of the paint samples. My favorite color is yellow so that's where I started out, but then … Continue reading Setting up my home office, Part Three: Paint

The day I ate whatever I wanted: Part 2 B (the day of)

My friend Susan told me to have a: "Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the whole day and do what YOU want!!" My response: "Well, since I'm working it will be hard to DO whatever I want, but instead I'm going to EAT whatever I want!" 🙂 So here goes: Day 2B of "The day I ate whatever … Continue reading The day I ate whatever I wanted: Part 2 B (the day of)

The day I ate whatever I wanted: Part 2 A (the day prior)

Since my actual birthday fell on a day I had to work (and I had no way to get out of it!), my husband and I celebrated the day prior.  The weather forecast called for a bleak, cold, rainy day. Does the weather influence what you eat? It certainly does me, so I had made a … Continue reading The day I ate whatever I wanted: Part 2 A (the day prior)

Cakewalk in the cube

The planets somehow aligned last week. That's the only explanation that I can come up with for this phenomenon that occurred at my place of employment. Are we a restaurant? A cafe? A bakery? No. We are an office full of nurses. Yet we  had 4 (count 'em) cakes to share during the work week. … Continue reading Cakewalk in the cube

Lunch on the lam

Sometimes life in the cube can get overwhelming. Have you ever been at work and just wanted to take a break? I mean, really, take a break. Change the scenery for a half an hour? Not make small talk? Not force positivity for just a little while? This is when an audio book can come … Continue reading Lunch on the lam