Organization (or lack thereof)

Organization? Thy name is not Karen. I have stuff. A lot of stuff. I have decided that I am ready to let stuff go. Keep it simple. Stupid. I have so many recipes and such that I have cut out, ripped out, torn out of magazines and newspapers and NEVER MADE. I should just throw them … Continue reading Organization (or lack thereof)



In the March 2012 issue of her magazine, Oprah says, "Identifying the cause of your clutter is the first step to getting it under control," p.31. Ya think? Just in case that's true...I thought about it in relation to my pantry, because food clutter is one of the areas with which I struggle (read: argue … Continue reading Decluttering

Setting up a home office, continued: the purge

I've been reading Mary Carlomango's book Live More, Want Less slowly over a period of months. It's organized into 52 chapters and my initial intent was to read a chapter a week (as the author suggested), then implement the "action items"  listed at the end of each chapter to help pare down my belongings, hopefully simplifying my … Continue reading Setting up a home office, continued: the purge

Clearing Clutter for Clarity, continued

I have unsubscribed from many of the automatic emails that I've been getting. You know, the ones from stores that promise to send you exclusive coupons if you sign up? Well, what I've found that (for me)  what that leads to is the clutter of the (nearly daily) emails from them in my inbox, which … Continue reading Clearing Clutter for Clarity, continued

My one word: March update

This is how March went: Changed sheets on bed: threw out excess of two sets (one set for the wash, one set for the bed is really all I need). Brought one book or magazine a day (well, most days) out of the house and gave away. Brought clothing that my daughter has outgrown to give to others who have … Continue reading My one word: March update

My New Year’s Word: February update

Okay, so it's March, not February. I meant to post this last month and just realized that I never did. One weekend, thinking about my New Year's word which, as you may recall is "Edit", I helped my daughter edit her room. We purchased risers to lift her bed up high enough to allow and … Continue reading My New Year’s Word: February update