Oh Christmas tree

Oh my God, what a big pile of crap Christmas has left in its wake. Wouldn't it be great if those damned elves showed up after Christmas to help pick up the house instead of before Christmas to help demolish it? I am usually a put-the-(fake -tree-up-the-weekend-before-Christmas-and-take-it-down-the-day-after kind of gal. This year, however, with the … Continue reading Oh Christmas tree



How do you celebrate Easter? Even though my kids are older now, and the Bunny has been found out, we still celebrate the holiday in much the same way we did when they were little. I make Easter Baskets of some sort for them. I hide eggs for them to find in an Easter Egg … Continue reading Easter

Not wasting my vacation

I think that it's very important to get out of your rut--I mean, routine--on your vacation week. This is especially challenging, of course, if you are taking (yet another) staycation. Having part of your time off fall during the holidays can make it a little easier to break out...as in the  "Hel-lo? What day is … Continue reading Not wasting my vacation

Post Easter Post

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, having somehow escaped the drama and bad memories with which  many of the other major holidays are fraught  for me. Although the bunny is now known to be Mom and Dad by both kids, we continue the traditions that we started when they were little. We fill a basket … Continue reading Post Easter Post

What this woman got: Valentine edition, part 3

First order of business: skip the gym. My husband and I had planned to celebrate the day during the child-free hours we had, from 7am until about 3:30pm (the school day). There was a medical appointment (mine) at 10:30am, but that was quick and we didn't let it mess up our day. Which was good, … Continue reading What this woman got: Valentine edition, part 3

Celebrating with the kids: Valentine edition, part 2

My Valentine's Day started off great with a bouquet of flowers, with yellow (my favorite) being the dominant color. from my husband. I received them on Thursday night, since he would be at work for the next several days. I love flowers and was completely surprised (and thrilled!) with my gift. I got to take … Continue reading Celebrating with the kids: Valentine edition, part 2

You, Mii, and Wii

Hate exercise? Mii too.  Well, I do if you are referring to Going to the gym Jogging Stairmaster Shoveling If you've been reading my blog for a while, you are not shocked by this admission. I do to practice yoga and like to hula hoop, but getting exercise is a byproduct (for me) of the … Continue reading You, Mii, and Wii

My new year’s word: Part 2

I finally did choose my one word for 2011; my word is:  EDIT. I'm loving this word for many reasons. I can actually remember it! It works its way up from my unconscious with very little effort on my part. Bam! It's there, remember to 'edit'! It applies to my Pantry Project: use the food I have … Continue reading My new year’s word: Part 2

My New Year’s Word

I'm sorry, but I have to ask: is there a more thankless job than deconstructing Christmas? I mean, touring the house, scavenging all the nooks and crannies for the little Santas, Nutcrackers, and whatnots that have been stashed hither and yon, all in the name of festivity, inevitably finding one or two refugees after all … Continue reading My New Year’s Word

New Year’s Eve, tween style

Today was a "Girl's only" day for me and my tween. We had originally planned to go shopping to spend gift cards received for Christmas (both for her and for me) but then changed the plan to include a movie with a friend. (We never did go shopping with the gift cards, come to think … Continue reading New Year’s Eve, tween style