Spotlight on: The Shops at Cape Neddick

Have you been to The Shops at Cape Neddick recently? If it's been awhile, you're in for a treat. It's expanded and still expanding, so give yourself enough time to look around and take it all in. When you walk in, you will feel the lovely energy of this shop right away. It feels like … Continue reading Spotlight on: The Shops at Cape Neddick


One week ONE BRAVE THING Kindle Sale!!!

For one week only, One Brave Thing will be for sale on Kindle for only 99 cents! If you have already liked my book, please consider sharing this post with any of your friends who prefer to get their books on Kindle. This special price is in effect only from December 9th (TODAY!) through December 16th, 2016. … Continue reading One week ONE BRAVE THING Kindle Sale!!!

Look what I FOUND at FOUND!

I followed the articles in the local papers about the evolution of FOUND, a shop that is the vision of FOUNDer 🙂 Pamela Bennett. Pamela wanted to showcase the talents of Maine women (and some men!) who create from the heart and give them a venue in which to make their products available to people who … Continue reading Look what I FOUND at FOUND!

SPOTLIGHT ON: Nonesuch Books, Biddeford ME

There is a great book store in Biddeford: Nonesuch Books. They have books for sale, of course, both new and used. They also have a lot of interesting magazines along the left side wall of the store, complete with strategically placed chairs, to aid and abet your magazine perusal. 🙂 What you might not know is … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT ON: Nonesuch Books, Biddeford ME

Tidying up food, continued

Some of the side benefits that have come from my Tidying Up Food project: I have straightened up my pantry. I know exactly what I have for food in my house right now. I did not go buy another bottle of (whatever, insert food item here) because I knew I had one already on the … Continue reading Tidying up food, continued


In the March 2012 issue of her magazine, Oprah says, "Identifying the cause of your clutter is the first step to getting it under control," p.31. Ya think? Just in case that's true...I thought about it in relation to my pantry, because food clutter is one of the areas with which I struggle (read: argue … Continue reading Decluttering

Not wasting my vacation

I think that it's very important to get out of your rut--I mean, routine--on your vacation week. This is especially challenging, of course, if you are taking (yet another) staycation. Having part of your time off fall during the holidays can make it a little easier to break in the  "Hel-lo? What day is … Continue reading Not wasting my vacation

Critter Crusade, Part 2

So, the baits we (read: 'he', my husband; he did the actual crawling around up in the crawl space) put out yesterday were not effective. It sounds now as if the critters brought in some reinforcements, so we were forced to regroup and redouble our efforts. First stop: Tractor Supply Company in Sanford. Anyone who has … Continue reading Critter Crusade, Part 2

Fun with tweens on the weekend

My tween daughter invited a friend to spend the day, and as the 7 hours loomed ominously unfilled ahead of us, I wondered:  What the heck should we do?   First, I decided to do something for me: I had a 20% coupon to Kennebooks in Kennebunk so that was our first stop. A quick check of the local … Continue reading Fun with tweens on the weekend

Emergency food stash

In keeping with one of my goals this year of Food Security (well, full disclosure: it's my goal every year, but this year it's an official, written down type of goal), I thought I'd write a little about different food "emergencies" that a person might experience and how I prepare for them. Here are 5 food emergencies that often come … Continue reading Emergency food stash