Deconstructing Christmas 

It's high time to start    deconstructing Christmas, but I am not motivated. I think I have too much stuff. We have a real tree this year, which began dropping huge quantities of its needles as soon as we got it. We then tracked them into every nook and cranny of our home. I'm afraid … Continue reading Deconstructing Christmas 


Oh Christmas tree

Oh my God, what a big pile of crap Christmas has left in its wake. Wouldn't it be great if those damned elves showed up after Christmas to help pick up the house instead of before Christmas to help demolish it? I am usually a put-the-(fake -tree-up-the-weekend-before-Christmas-and-take-it-down-the-day-after kind of gal. This year, however, with the … Continue reading Oh Christmas tree

Christmas Music and other minutiae

Since I'm feeling all Christmas-y at the moment, and since (more importantly) I have a huge leg up on my Christmas shopping (and wrapping) this year, I decided to write a little more about Christmas.  Here are some random thoughts: When I was wrapping up the gifts I'd bought so far this year, I had the presence … Continue reading Christmas Music and other minutiae

Give yourself a break

Is your birthday coming? Are you wondering what to get yourself for Christmas? Have a really good friend that  you want to appreciate? Stacey at Mainely You Massage  is there to help you. Never had a massage? Don't be scared. It will be both the fastest and the slowest hour you've ever experienced. You can just … Continue reading Give yourself a break

Making a list

I've been working on my Christmas gift list recently, and I've warned the children that Christmas will be, um, leaner this year than in the past, so they should be prepared. I guess I kind of went a little overboard last year, and am trying not to repeat that this year, especially since the big … Continue reading Making a list