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Time warp

I’m excited for the new version of  Beauty and the Beast coming out this Friday. To get into the proper mindset, I decided to watch the earlier version from Disney last night.

My husband and I were sprawled out on the couch, and our teenaged daughter was in the recliner. We watched the movie on Blu-ray together in the living room.

As the movie the opening credits rolled, I suddenly flashed on the first time I watched this movie, in the early 90’s. I was so excited to buy the video! The VCR was in our bedroom, and as soon as we got home we popped it in and got into bed to watch it. Our then-infant son (who is now twenty-five!) was lying on the bed between us as we watched.

I was completely transported back to that room and for just a few seconds, felt those feelings. What an amazing gift.

I was struck by how many lines from this movie have made their way into our everyday life!

Such as:

  1. ‘It’s over, Beast!’
  2. ‘You have a library?’
  3. ‘…promises you don’t intend to keep,’
  4. ‘If she doesn’t eat with me, then she doesn’t eat at all!
  5. ‘I’m especially good at expectorating…’ What can I say? I like big words! I cannot lie!

I use these quotes all the time! Beauty and the Beast, the gift that keeps on giving… on so many levels.

I leave you with the official trailer to watch here:


MOVIE REVIEW: Bridget Jones’ Baby

My husband was hoping for a quiet house the other night, so I obliged him by going to the movies.


I’ve seen and enjoyed the two prior Bridget Jones movies, so I was looking forward to this one. And it was great! Except for one thing.*


  1. I loved all the characters, the returning ones and the new ones (especially Miranda, Bridget’s new BFF).
  2. This movie is FUNNY! I laughed out loud unexpectedly several times.
  3. I went by myself, so no one was elbowing me in the ribs, saying, “Mom! Stop! Stop laughing so loud!”
  4. There were many sweet, moving moments, that had me tearing up without warning. (Note to self: You are spending way too much time alone in tears this week.)
  5. There were so many great songs in this movie! Check out #9 on the list by Lily Allen. Whoa!
  6. Emma Thompson was perfect as the obstetrician who never makes eye contact with her patient. strangely, she delivered the baby with no staff. Hello? Everyone knows it’s the nurses who deliver the babies!

So my recommendation is this: If you want to see this movie, go see it! Lukewarm reviews be damned! Don’t bother trying to bring any kill-joys with you who don’t share your Bridget enthusiasm. Go by yourself. Get your popcorn the way you want it (no extra butter!). Smuggle in your bottle of water in your pocket. Live a little (the scene where Patrick Dempsey strips off his shirt to dive into the pool is worth the price of admission, even after you factor in the aforementioned popcorn).

Also, pay attention to the end. There is a set up for a possible fourth Bridget Jones movie. Can I get a ‘Hell, yeah!’ for this?

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:


**Rene Zellweger’s (presumed) facial surgery was a bit distracting, but this is the only not-positive thing I have to say (#disappointed).

From sh*t list to hit list

I have recently written about my evolving taste in movies. That got me thinking about some other things that I like now that I used to hate.

Here are a few:

  1. Fish. With the exception of canned tuna, I hated fish. This may have stemmed from when I was young and mom made fish sticks for supper, which I tried to decline. No way. Food on the plate? We ate it. Whether we liked it or not was not even a consideration. We were a family struggling to get by on food stamps. Anyway, she made me sit at the table for hours, telling me I couldn’t get up until I ate it all. I got it down drowned in a quart of ketchup, while sitting on the floor under the table in protest. After I moved to Maine, my husband told me I had to start eating fish, because, you know, it’s the law. I have heard you have to try something you dislike 17 times before your tastes change and you actually like it (“He likes it! Hey, Mikey!). Now I love fried whole clams, haddock, cod, calamari, and I’ve even been known to eat some of Gorton’s crunchy fish sticks (without ketchup!) on occasion.
  2. Margaritas. I used to make fun of women who went out for a drink and chose a margarita. Hello? Classic clichĂ©! And then I tried a strawberry hibiscus margarita at Pedro’s in Kennebunk. Oh. My. God. May I just say that now I am a clichĂ©–I mean a fan?
  3. Christian music. I never paid any attention to my friends who said, “Hey, you should listen to it. I bet you’d really like it!” And then my daughter started putting KLOVE on in the car. And I started listening to it. Guess what? I really like it! Hey Mikey!
  4. Exercise. No, wait. I still hate that.

Pineapple Coconut Margarita at Side Street Cafe

I will leave you with this look back at Mikey. Enjoy!



Recently my husband wanted to see the movie Creed.  I had zero interest in watching it. I expected he knew that and that he would be watching it alone.

Somehow, though, we ended up watching it together.

I didn’t expect to like it, but guess what! I really did!

I thought it was a movie about fighting, violent and bloody. And it was, sort of. But it was also a sweet love story. I liked it so much!

My husband said, “You’ve never seen the first Rocky movie? Or any of them?” and I said, “Duh. No.” He suggested getting Rocky  and Rocky Balboa from the library, so I ordered them, but without much enthusiasm. What were the odds that I would like those movies too? Why not quit while I was ahead?
Anyway, after I picked them up, they sat for 2 weeks before a freak rainstorm washed out our beach plans and we decided to have the Rocky Movie night. (Yay)



Here’s the thing: I loved the movies. Both of them. And it wasn’t just because of the love stories (Yo, Adrian!). It was because of the character Rocky. OMG. The more I got to know him, the more I loved him.

So, of course it’s partly due to the whole ‘he’s Italian’ thing. But, I never thought he was good-looking or anything when I (and he) was young(er). It was about who he (the character) was in the movie. His kindness. His caring. His awkward attempts to show these wonderful characteristics to others, many of whom weren’t interested at all in his overtures. Not one bit. But he perseveres. Not because who they are, but because of who he is.

And it got me. So, you know. That’s why I was crying at the end of Rocky Balboa.


Bebe, the Movie

I am working on the idea of making my book One Brave Thing into a movie! Its (probably) only a matter of time before the producers come a-knockin’. After all, other Maine authors have had their books made into movies.


Here’s a little bit of what I’m anticipating:

Warner Brothers and actor/director Nick Cassavetes (my first choice, since he is the son of John Cassavetes who was in one of my favorite Columbo episodes ever, Etude in Black) are auditioning for the role of Bebe of One Brave Thing fame.

As the author, I get limited input with casting but have given them a short list of actresses that I would like them to consider to play Bebe:

Eden Sher, Mae Whitman, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Stewart, and Miranda Cosgrove.

Participate! Vote for the ‘reader’s choice’ actress to play Bebe in One Brave Thing, the movie.

I’ll tell you my FIRST choice after all the votes are in. As if you can’t guess.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Mae Whitman (she’s the brunette) in the movie: The Duff:


My one word 2015

IMG_0743I have written about My One Word (MOW) in the past. The premise is this: you pick just one word to inspire you all year long.

If you are a writer, the appeal of only writing ONE WORD in a writing session is seductive.

It is, however, also deceiving. It’s harder to choose just one word to write down than you might think. There’s actually an entire website devoted to this topic, with a section devoted to just choosing your word.

When you can only choose one, you want it to be the best word ever.

The contenders this year for me are, in no particular order:

Write Meditate Breathe Focus Declutter

I thought I had a good list from which to choose when I made the mistake of visiting the MOW website’s ‘Pick your word’ section and another word, a bright and shiny new and different word, popped out at me: BRAVE. This word, this BRAVE word, showed me that I had unconsciously been thinking that MOW must be a verb. Every word that I thought of was a verb.

But Brave? Brave can be an adjective or a verb! Or even a noun! And Brave is a big, important word. There’s an entire Disney Movie about that word! I have written other blog posts that contain that word!

Oh, I just thought of yet another (verb) word:  Decide.

I think maybe I just did. 🙂

What do you think about choosing One Word versus making New Year’s Resolutions?
What would YOW (Your One Word) be?

If you are BRAVE, please comment below with your choice!


Get happy

MinionsMaybe you fellow NaNoWriMo-ers  are in need of a break from the endless typing inherent in the race to get 50,ooo words down into a word doc by November 30th.

Option 1: I’m thinking that some laugh therapy sure as hell couldn’t hurt. If you have access to the Disney Channel (34 on Maine Time Warner Cable), Despicable Me (wait for it; this link might take a while to load) is on tomorrow at 10:45AM. You can DVR it and watch it sometime when you are desperate for a break and a laugh.

Option 2: Need something right now? How about a 5 minute Dance Party (for one or more, depending on the tolerance of your family, pets, and/or other housemates). In keeping with the ‘get happy’ theme, you can click on the link to the You Tube video version of Pharell Willams’ Happy Song (from Despicable Me 2). Go ahead. Get jiggy wit’ it.

P.S. I think Option 2 might actually also count as your cardio for the day.

You’re welcome. 🙂