MOVIE REVIEW: Bridget Jones’ Baby

My husband was hoping for a quiet house the other night, so I obliged him by going to the movies. 😀 I've seen and enjoyed the two prior Bridget Jones movies, so I was looking forward to this one. And it was great! Except for one thing.* I loved all the characters, the returning ones … Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: Bridget Jones’ Baby


Leisure time: top 10 activities

I have the next few days off and am thinking of fun ways to spend it: Go bowling Go to the movies:  I want to see St Vincent, The Judge, and that Steve Carell movie about the terrible, very bad day. Get up early and go to yoga Go see the ocean! Check out the … Continue reading Leisure time: top 10 activities

At the movies (or, Hell is other people)

I was done with trying to align the planets so that I could go see a movie with my husband. I decided that, if I wanted to see This is Where I Leave You at the theater, I would have to go by myself. I rarely will cough up the cash to sit in a … Continue reading At the movies (or, Hell is other people)

Still becoming

When my mother was 51, she was busy getting ready to die, but she didn't know this yet. Well, maybe she did know it on some level, but she never talked about it with me pre-diagnosis so I really can't be sure. Certainly none of us, her children, her husband, knew it yet. I'm 51. … Continue reading Still becoming

Mirror Mirror

I took my daughter and her friend to see Mirror Mirror today. I have to admit that I was disappointed that Julia Roberts was in the movie. I have a love-hate relationship with Julia: I love the movies she is in but I hate her. Okay, maybe that's overstating it, but you get the idea. … Continue reading Mirror Mirror

The Hunger Games

I went to see The Hunger Games last Saturday night with my daughter and her friend. I did not read any of the books in the trilogy (really) and didn't have any clue about what to expect. My daughter had read some of the book and her friend had read all of it (actually, her … Continue reading The Hunger Games

Movie free association

I was in yoga class (small group, all women) last week and someone (okay, it was me) started talking about how Sleepless in Seattle had been on TV the night before. Soon, everyone was mentioning their "go-to" movies, the ones that you have to watch whenever they are on TV, even if you have the … Continue reading Movie free association

Expand your horizons

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this weekend? How about a movie and a cupcake? That's what my daughter and I did today and we had a great afternoon. What to see? That was tricky. There is a dearth of family movies to choose from at the moment. Do you like movies … Continue reading Expand your horizons

Not wasting my vacation

I think that it's very important to get out of your rut--I mean, routine--on your vacation week. This is especially challenging, of course, if you are taking (yet another) staycation. Having part of your time off fall during the holidays can make it a little easier to break in the  "Hel-lo? What day is … Continue reading Not wasting my vacation

Date night: afternoon movie

We haven't had a babysitter in a while so we decided to watch a movie at home. Next up in the Netflix Queue was The Company Men. We found out about this movie from the preview of another movie (don't ask me which one).  I was surprised to know that it was a relatively recent … Continue reading Date night: afternoon movie