My New Year’s Word

I’m sorry, but I have to ask: is there a more thankless job than deconstructing Christmas? I mean, touring the house, scavenging all the nooks and crannies for the little Santas, Nutcrackers, and whatnots that have been stashed hither and yon, all in the name of festivity, inevitably finding one or two refugees after all of the boxes have been packed away in the closet, back under other things?

Does anyone like taking the decorations off the tree?

And then there’s the back of your mind, New Year’s Resolution thing lurking, lurking… I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, actually. I make birthday resolutions, a plan for the coming year that begins and ends with, you know, me (as in, “it’s all about me”). When I heard about a twist on the resolution thing, choosing just one word, rather than making one list, to focus on in 2011, I was interested. One word? That seems much easier to remember and actually do than one list. But what word? “Focus” was the first one that came to mind…then about a billion other words joined it. It wasn’t pretty.

One of my goals for 2011 is “REDUCE” … as in CLUTTER (and WEIGHT, too, come to think of it, and TIME-WASTING…). Hmmm, I guess that might be a good word…it just sounds so negative, though.  Guess I’ll think about it some more, maybe try on a few of those billion other words on for size to see which one is the best fit…maybe “DECIDE” should be my word? 🙂

If you’re interested in doing this too, here’s the website:

I’d love to hear what words any of you choose if you decide to try it this year.


2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Word

  1. Happy New Year! I have resolutions of sorts, but if I was going to put it down to just one word it would have to be something like “ATTEMPT’ or “TRY” I figure if I put down a resolution as ‘trying to get more exercise’ or ‘try to lose weight’, it kind of takes the pressure off and perhaps I just might succeed! Yeah, I know….you are probably thinking good luck with that one…right?
    Anywhoo…all the best of health, wealth and happiness in 2011! I look forward to another year of your interesting posts!

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