All things cupcake

My friend Charlotte asked me a question today: " Who has the best cupcakes?" On the surface, it seems an easy enough question, right?  Wrong! I tried to apply my "Keep it simple" philosophy to this question but found I was not able to. I mean, come on! So here goes my attempt to answer … Continue reading All things cupcake


Cupcake Fetish Bakery Grand Opening!!

Amy and Jen have been selling cupcakes and other small baked goods for a while now at their new bakery: Cupcake Fetish Bakery at 883 Main Street in Sanford, but Saturday was a special day: the official Grand Opening celebration. They set up a three tiered table that was adorned with an assortment of mini … Continue reading Cupcake Fetish Bakery Grand Opening!!

Celebrating with the kids: Valentine edition, part 2

My Valentine's Day started off great with a bouquet of flowers, with yellow (my favorite) being the dominant color. from my husband. I received them on Thursday night, since he would be at work for the next several days. I love flowers and was completely surprised (and thrilled!) with my gift. I got to take … Continue reading Celebrating with the kids: Valentine edition, part 2

Cupcake Bakery in Sanford

I was returning my books at the library this weekend, two of which happened to be about cake baking, when one of the staffers said, "Have you tried that new cupcake bakery in Sanford?" "There's a new cupcake bakery in Sanford??" I asked (of course, she had me at "cupcake"). She did a little research … Continue reading Cupcake Bakery in Sanford