After the fall

I had a disaster in my kitchen today. I was lifting down some big Pyrex mixing bowls from a shelf, something I've done dozens and dozens of times. Something I do almost every day. I was lifting them down to put one back in the stack. As I brought the stack down to the counter, … Continue reading After the fall



How do you celebrate Easter? Even though my kids are older now, and the Bunny has been found out, we still celebrate the holiday in much the same way we did when they were little. I make Easter Baskets of some sort for them. I hide eggs for them to find in an Easter Egg … Continue reading Easter

Spaciousness (or: A Theory of Relativity)

In the book What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, she talks about the idea of spacious days. What a concept!!!! Mostly, my days feel jam-packed to me, without a moment to spare for anything. That's how I usually think about them, at least. My to-do list is longer than my arm. I suspect that other mothers … Continue reading Spaciousness (or: A Theory of Relativity)

Post Easter Post

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, having somehow escaped the drama and bad memories with which  many of the other major holidays are fraught  for me. Although the bunny is now known to be Mom and Dad by both kids, we continue the traditions that we started when they were little. We fill a basket … Continue reading Post Easter Post

Snow day top 10 fun things to do (Part 2)!

Can you believe that we're (possibly) getting (yet) another storm tomorrow? Just in case you exhausted your personal Top 10 list of things to do, here's another bunch of ideas. Go sledding. By now, you (most likely) have piles of snow that are plenty big enough for the kids to sled on right in your yard. … Continue reading Snow day top 10 fun things to do (Part 2)!

One of the Best Christmases ever

I originally thought that this would be one of the worst Christmases ever.  It had three strikes against it before it even started: I had to work late and wouldn't get home until 8:20PM Christmas Eve. My husband had to work early Christmas Day, leaving at 5:10 AM, and would be gone the entire day … Continue reading One of the Best Christmases ever

The Chicken Whisperer

This morning, as I was rushing around the coop, trying to let the chickens out in their run, feed them, and give them a treat before I left for work, one of the smaller ones slipped past me and got out into the garage. I wasn't too concerned at first, hoping that she would hear … Continue reading The Chicken Whisperer

New Arrivals

The new peeps were born last Wednesday and scheduled to arrive on Thursday, Friday the latest, through the mail. We did order from a new vendor, one we hadn't ordered from in the past. We chose them this time because they allowed us to buy 20 at a time instead of 25. They were cheap; … Continue reading New Arrivals

A child’s “firsts”

I had my first child when I was 29 years old. I started back to school and back to work when he was 8 weeks old. As a full-time student and working mother, I missed a lot of my child's "firsts". Certainly, I knew it was going to be a trade-off; get better educated to get better … Continue reading A child’s “firsts”

Signs (from the dead relatives)

Ever wrestle with a decision, wondering what is the right thing to do in any situation? Sometimes when that happens to me, I'll think, "What would my mother or father do?" or "What would Nana think about this?". Well, the other day I was going back on forth about something, then made my decision and … Continue reading Signs (from the dead relatives)