Kary Oberbrunner, Exposed! Behind the scenes at the Igniting Souls Conference 2017

Ever wonder about this Kary Oberbrunner guy? I first met him online in a chatroom...No--wait! Kidding! I first met him online at one of the free webinars he hosted: How to Turn a Book into a 6-Figure Business My expectations were low.  Full disclosure: I watch a lot of free webinars. I am never motivated to buy … Continue reading Kary Oberbrunner, Exposed! Behind the scenes at the Igniting Souls Conference 2017


NaNoWriMo is coming and announcing a new course

October 1st! You know what that means? That there's only 1 more month before National Novel Writing Month begins! Are you planning to participate this year? I will be. This will be NaNo number 8 for me. I have completed the 50,000 words to win every year since 2010, and I expect this year to … Continue reading NaNoWriMo is coming and announcing a new course

Cooking class at Stonewall Kitchen: A Sensational Supper with Jane St Pierre

My daughter and I went to a cooking class at Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School.  We've been there before, and it's always a treat. This was the first class taught by Jane St Pierre that we've been to, but hopefully not the last. She is a wonderful teacher, warm and funny, but most importantly, she knows … Continue reading Cooking class at Stonewall Kitchen: A Sensational Supper with Jane St Pierre

Book Review: Pieces that Fit

Pieces That Fit: A Mother's Journey Through Her Son's Puzzling Diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome by Karen MacNeill is an important book for anyone to read that has, or wonders what it is like to have, a child with different needs in the school system. I found it to be immediately relatable. There are so many … Continue reading Book Review: Pieces that Fit

Wherever I go, there they are

For a long time now, every time I go to the beach, a particular kind of blue stone calls to me: Karen!! Yoohoo! Here I am! “Pick me! Choose me! Love me!” (borrowed this quote from a movie but at the moment it escapes me which one). For over a year this has been happening. … Continue reading Wherever I go, there they are

Following the clues

I had a dream two nights ago, the night of the full moon, come to think of it. I dreamed about numbers. So, have you ever dreamed about numbers? This is a new phenomenon for me. The sequence I dreamed came through loud and clear: 1991 I didn't see or hear the numbers so much … Continue reading Following the clues

Simplify: Who, me?

I went to a class at the Wells Public Library this week. Lisa Luken of Simple Joy Living, LLC spoke to us about simplifying our lives by streamlining (as well as getting rid of) our stuff. Her tagline is "Simple. Joyful. Organized. Intentional. Living." Great, right? Who wouldn't want that? I had a ton of ideas fill … Continue reading Simplify: Who, me?

Go with the flow

I attended a chakra class at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital this weekend. Chakras, as you may know, are energy centers in the body that energy flows through, often described as spinning discs of different colors. Find out more about chakras here: Anodea Judith's Wheels of Life One thing that came up in the class was that taking a … Continue reading Go with the flow

Boo hoo, it’s the flu

You may have heard that there's a little something call the flu going around. Actually, there are many flu-like viruses going around, but the doomsday people (and the CDC) refer to them all as 'the flu' so they can try to scare you into 'getting your flu shot' (like that might help at all). Anyway, … Continue reading Boo hoo, it’s the flu

Writer’s lull

For weeks and weeks, I was the whirling dervish of writing: I had a few blogs going for which I posted several times a week. I was writing 2000 words a day for my book. I was writing book reviews for several websites. I was writing restaurant reviews and food articles for an online magazine. I … Continue reading Writer’s lull