Organization (or lack thereof)

Organization? Thy name is not Karen. I have stuff. A lot of stuff. I have decided that I am ready to let stuff go. Keep it simple. Stupid. I have so many recipes and such that I have cut out, ripped out, torn out of magazines and newspapers and NEVER MADE. I should just throw them … Continue reading Organization (or lack thereof)


Boldly going

My 51st birthday was this year. When I picked out a cake and asked the person behind the bakery counter to write on it, this was what she wrote: "Happy 50-First Birthday Karen". I know, right? I decided that might be a sign.  What if,  I thought, I did some things for the 'first' time in … Continue reading Boldly going

Date night

After 19 years of marriage plus 2 more of courtship, I've learned something new about my husband: he's ambidextrous. How did I learn this? I stepped out of my comfort zone for an hour. Way out, actually. My idea of a night out is dinner, maybe a drive to or walk on the beach, ice … Continue reading Date night