Birthday club

I am part of a great group of nurses who all work from home. Once a month we (mostly) all get together for breakfast and to celebrate a birthday, if there is one that month. This month we went to Two Hands Crepe and Juice Bar in Brunswick. Okay, it's a hike to Brunswick from … Continue reading Birthday club

Working from home, day one

It's coming together; my office is just about set.  All of the equipment has been hauled home and (with the help of the teenager) connected to the modem and everything actually works. What's left to do is figure out what just does not fit and let it go (read: haul it back out of the … Continue reading Working from home, day one

Setting up a home office, continued: the purge

I've been reading Mary Carlomango's book Live More, Want Less slowly over a period of months. It's organized into 52 chapters and my initial intent was to read a chapter a week (as the author suggested), then implement the "action items"  listed at the end of each chapter to help pare down my belongings, hopefully simplifying my … Continue reading Setting up a home office, continued: the purge

A (working) room of one’s own

As part of some, um, reorganization of staff at my place of employment, I have been given the opportunity to work from home. This will start on or before August 5, at which time Life in the Cube (as I've known it) will basically be coming to an end.  As exciting as this prospect sounds to … Continue reading A (working) room of one’s own