Summer vacation (day 4)

Broke with routine and went to a second yoga class at Windsong Yoga. Housework (like taxes, no one gets a vacation from that!). Finished the book I was reading, Oxygen by Carol Wiley Cassella; didn't like the ending much. Spent an hour at the library leafing through magazines. Fun for free! ūüôā Sea Dogs game … Continue reading Summer vacation (day 4)

What do women want? Valentine edition Part 1

Maybe you've been happily married for many years, and have successfully navigated several Valentine's Day holidays. Maybe you've had some great successes with figuring out what your spouse might like, and then actually being able to deliver it. One thing that you can do for your female significant other that will almost definitely be well … Continue reading What do women want? Valentine edition Part 1

Snow day! Top ten (fun) things to do

I have not had a snow day for quite a while ¬†(the Christmas Blizzard doesn't count because I was too worried about my husband and son driving home from work¬†in it to enjoy it). I decided to plan ahead for the next one, so I was ready to dive into distraction at a moment's notice. … Continue reading Snow day! Top ten (fun) things to do

One of the Best Christmases ever

I originally thought that this would be one of the worst Christmases ever.¬† It had three strikes against it before it even started: I had to work late and wouldn't get home until 8:20PM Christmas Eve. My husband had to work early Christmas Day, leaving at 5:10 AM, and would be gone the entire day … Continue reading One of the Best Christmases ever

Buon Natale

I took my daughter to Buon Natale, the Italian Christmas bazaar at St. Peter's Church on Federal St. in Portland. This was something my Italian grandmother always took me to when I was growing¬† up, and it remains a happy childhood memory for me to this day. I wanted to share this with my daughter. … Continue reading Buon Natale

It’s all good

I was annoyed the other night, thinking that even¬†though I was lucky to have had an extra day off from work this week, it had been all used up with medical appointments. Deciding to make them, scheduling them, dealing with insurance company in advance to try to make sure they didn't weasel out of paying … Continue reading It’s all good

Eat, Pray, Love

¬† Eat, Pray, Love came to theaters in movie form on August 13, 2010.¬† If you read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert (published by¬†Viking in February 2006) like I did, you may have been eagerly anticipating the release of this movie. I know I certainly was.¬†¬† Then I saw a trailer for the movie, and … Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love

Fun with friends

What could be better than a great day spent doing fun things with your friends?¬† Not much; especially if it involves good food.¬† ¬† This past weekend, my daughter and I did just that. We started off at The Good Table, a wonderful restaurant in Cape Elizabeth.¬† Sunday brunch is the day to go; that … Continue reading Fun with friends

WF&G 7 guidelines: Week One

Okay, so what I'm learning with applying the WF&G (Women Food and God by Geneen Roth) 7 guidelines is that I'm in trouble right away (for example, I am trying to figure out ways to¬†sync the guidelines with¬†the Weight Watchers Points system...and somehow, I think that is not the author's intent...). It is also actually … Continue reading WF&G 7 guidelines: Week One

Midsummer garden update

Well, so far, so good. After the scary appearance of blossom end rot on two of the heirloom plum tomatoes (Juliets, I think, but since my husband buried its name tag during planting, it's anybody's guess, really) that led to me wildly flinging them into the woods, no more have reared its ugly (and I … Continue reading Midsummer garden update