The power of one

I have been giving a lot of talks at local libraries. For my most recent one, I personally invited and Facebook invited a lot of people. A lot. Plus, it was a full moon in Gemini (my sign)! At 7:05pm! And my talk started at 7:00PM! I know this is a busy time of year for … Continue reading The power of one


Top 10 tips (I think!) for having successful author reading

As I mentioned in my prior blog post, there is a definite learning curve to this whole 'promoting your book' thing. The biggest lesson I've learned is this: assume nothing! (Remember Felix Unger's lesson on what happens when you ASSUME?!). Anyway, here are what I think are the top 10 tips (in no particular order) for … Continue reading Top 10 tips (I think!) for having successful author reading

Library book sale

My daughter and I ventured into new territory together last year when we volunteered together for the Friends of the Wells Public Library annual fundraising book sale. We had such a good time volunteering last year that we are planning to do it again this year. We mostly sorted and carried books to their proper … Continue reading Library book sale

Summer vacation (day 4)

Broke with routine and went to a second yoga class at Windsong Yoga. Housework (like taxes, no one gets a vacation from that!). Finished the book I was reading, Oxygen by Carol Wiley Cassella; didn't like the ending much. Spent an hour at the library leafing through magazines. Fun for free! 🙂 Sea Dogs game … Continue reading Summer vacation (day 4)