Summer vacation (day 4)

    1. Broke with routine and went to a second yoga class at Windsong Yoga.
    2. Housework (like taxes, no one gets a vacation from that!).
    3. Finished the book I was reading, Oxygen by Carol Wiley Cassella; didn’t like the ending much.
    4. Spent an hour at the library leafing through magazines. Fun for free! 🙂
    5. Sea Dogs game at Hadlock Field. Ate Italian Sausage with peppers and onions, french fries, 1/3 of a pretzel, ice cream sundae. Bleah.
    6. Found the copy of  The 17 Day Diet by Mike Moreno that I bought at the library book sale a few weeks ago. Sigh. Will peruse.

I’m finding that my lists that I made pre-vacation are a very useful if I use them as a guide, and very stressful if I use them as a directive.


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