The Annual Ides of March Quest for Fried Clams

My dad's last meal was fried clams. Flashback to 1998. Dad was dying of lung cancer. The living room was dominated by the hospital bed sent by hospice once it was clear he could no longer manage the climb to the second floor bedroom. He had been in and out of consciousness for several days … Continue reading The Annual Ides of March Quest for Fried Clams


Look what I FOUND at FOUND!

I followed the articles in the local papers about the evolution of FOUND, a shop that is the vision of FOUNDer šŸ™‚Ā Pamela Bennett. Pamela wanted to showcase the talents of Maine women (and some men!) who create from the heart and give them a venue in which to make their products available to people who … Continue reading Look what I FOUND at FOUND!

My slip is showing

I have recently become aware of some minor formatting issues with my book, which I will be addressing in the next printing. šŸ˜€ Wasn't that mature of me? An amazingly calm reaction, since my inner critic and inner perfectionist are usually hard at work full-time, preventing me from letting anyone see my fiction writing, never … Continue reading My slip is showing

Poetic license, people! Heard of it?

I have been reading and reviewing books for years. Years. I haven't loved all of them, but with only one (to my knowledge) notable exception*, I was not ever unkind to the author in my review. If I liked or loved a book, I said so. If I didn't, then I moved on. Just because … Continue reading Poetic license, people! Heard of it?

Birthday club

I am part of a great group of nurses who all work from home. Once a month we (mostly) all get together for breakfast and to celebrate a birthday, if there is one that month. This month we went to Two Hands Crepe and Juice Bar in Brunswick. Okay, it's a hike to Brunswick from … Continue reading Birthday club

Italian birthday cake, 2015

My family of origin had some family traditions, but they were few. One that has made it to the present is the Italian Rum Cake birthday cake tradition. My brother's birthday and mine are about a month apart. We both love Italian Rum Cakes. My family? His family? Um, not so much. Okay, they hate … Continue reading Italian birthday cake, 2015

The day I ate whatever I wanted

When I read the title of this book by Elizabeth Berg, The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted, I thought, YESSSSS!!!! That's all I want! To eat whatever I want! So in honor of my birthday month, I did that today. Full disclosure: I was using food to comfort myself because I had to work … Continue reading The day I ate whatever I wanted

My one word 2015

I have written about My One WordĀ (MOW) in the past. The premise is this: you pick just one word to inspire you all year long. If you are a writer, the appeal of only writing ONE WORD in a writing sessionĀ is seductive. It is, however, also deceiving. It's harder to choose just one word to … Continue reading My one word 2015

Mentoring: top ten tips

In my first career, I managed a restaurant. Over the years I trained a lot of waitresses, ice cream scoopers, grill cooks, Ā supervisors, and even managers. We had a three step process that worked really well. Ā First, she watched me do it. Next, I watched her do it. Finally, she did it by herself, but … Continue reading Mentoring: top ten tips


I remember getting to the end of 2011 and thinking "What an awful year this has been," and hoping 2012 would be better. Fast forward one year: I remember getting to the end of 2012 and thinking, "What an awful year this has been," and hoping 2013 would be better. I'm sensing a pattern here, … Continue reading Resolutions