Expanding the flock~(revised)

...is proving to be no easy task this spring. My husband anxiously anticipated the arrival of the chick catalogues, nad contacted some new (to us) hatcheries for their catalogues, and planned to get some chicks from New Mexico in March and from Texas in June. At the end of February they wouldn't accept the March … Continue reading Expanding the flock~(revised)


Winter bounty

Lately we've been getting so many eggs because we've (well, full disclosure: it's mostly been my husband) been working on the timing of new chicks. . . the September 1st chicks have now begun laying brown eggs. In the spring, we will refresh the white and green egg layers. We used to only get new chicks … Continue reading Winter bounty

Eggstra special breakfast

A double yoked egg! I decided to cook a big breakfast last Sunday morning, so my daughter and I headed to the kitchen to strategize. Me: Pumpkin Pancakes? Izzy: No. Me: Waffles? Iz: No. Me: Bacon and eggs? Iz: Yes! And sausage! Well, no surprise there; that's almost always her breakfast of choice (we do … Continue reading Eggstra special breakfast

Fun with friends

What could be better than a great day spent doing fun things with your friends?  Not much; especially if it involves good food.    This past weekend, my daughter and I did just that. We started off at The Good Table, a wonderful restaurant in Cape Elizabeth.  Sunday brunch is the day to go; that … Continue reading Fun with friends


So, there are still a few days left of spring, the time when a young man's fancy lightly turns to... chicks! You know, the kind that come from hens (we're talking flock expansion here). We have been anxiously awaiting the call from Longhorn since last week's false alarm, when the anticipated arrival date (June 11th) came and went … Continue reading Spring!


our multicolored eggs speaking of egg color driving our hen choices every year (see prior post ), here is a sampling of some of what our flock puts forth every day.  the blue and green eggs come from ameraucana chickens. marans, barnvelders,  and welsummers lay the chocolate brown eggs. . . and the white leghorn … Continue reading eggs!