Victory Garden

One of the pillars of the Global Domination Agenda is to control the food supply. Why not control your own food supply by planting a garden? Planting a garden of any size (including a potted tomato on the patio) is an act of defiance against that plan. You can plant seedlings instead of seeds to … Continue reading Victory Garden


Bonus from tidying up food

So, I did save $150 that first week by not buying groceries, and then $75 the next week.  I have rediscovered coupons! Also, I invented a recipe using some of the stuff I had in the house when I was saving $150 by not eating out or food shopping this week: Naan Pizza. Ingredients:  One … Continue reading Bonus from tidying up food

Italian birthday cake, 2015

My family of origin had some family traditions, but they were few. One that has made it to the present is the Italian Rum Cake birthday cake tradition. My brother's birthday and mine are about a month apart. We both love Italian Rum Cakes. My family? His family? Um, not so much. Okay, they hate … Continue reading Italian birthday cake, 2015

Snow day! Top ten (fun) things to do

I have not had a snow day for quite a while  (the Christmas Blizzard doesn't count because I was too worried about my husband and son driving home from work in it to enjoy it). I decided to plan ahead for the next one, so I was ready to dive into distraction at a moment's notice. … Continue reading Snow day! Top ten (fun) things to do

Homemade egg rolls

  Our friends, the Douangsovaths, came over to our house to teach us how to make egg rolls.  After they arrived, we took a quick shopping trip for necessary ingredients. Lettuce I had growing in  my garden, a tomato was on the counter that i picked up at the farmers market earlier that week...but bean … Continue reading Homemade egg rolls

parting is such…(insert oxymoronic phrase)

my best work friend is moving on to greener pastures in the workforce...happy for her, sad for me.  of course,we plan to stay in touch and have even gone so far as to devise ways to accomplish this (we don't live near each other), but it is still happy/sad. In The Happiness Project (, author … Continue reading parting is such…(insert oxymoronic phrase)

cookie break!

and speaking of cookies...recently my coworker was walking around with a plate of her latest offering: homemade cookies. way to boost morale in the workplace!  one of her favorite websites for recipes is  i tried some of the recipes from this website and had great success with them (the blueberry muffins were a big hit with … Continue reading cookie break!