Finding new treasures

11/30/16: I decided to update this post. I made several trips to this shop after I gave them a free copy of One Brave Thing as well as newspaper articles about me publishing my book. On the third trip, I discovered that they didn't know what they did with it! I decided to trust the … Continue reading Finding new treasures


Susan Conley at Kennebooks

Susan Conley recently came to Kennebooks to read from her book, The Foremost Good Fortune. Susan is a Mainer, raised in Woolwich. In addition to being a great writer, she is also a great reader. Maybe this is because (as we learned in her talk) Susan is a poetry teacher, and when she reads passages … Continue reading Susan Conley at Kennebooks

How to grow a watermelon

How do you grow a watermelon? Darned if I know. Here in Southern Maine in spring and summertime,  the growing (of anything, really) doesn't (usually) come easy. Someone must know how, because I see them all the time at my local farm store, Spillers. I see them at the Farmers Markets. I see them at … Continue reading How to grow a watermelon

Amy Wood at Kennebooks

Amy Wood spoke at Kennebooks on Saturday, February 19. Her talk was part discussion and part reading (from her new book Life Your Way), followed by a question and answer period and then book signing. Despite it being the beginning of a school vacation week, the little upstairs room filled with people eager to hear Amy … Continue reading Amy Wood at Kennebooks

Kate Braestrup’s new book

Kate Braestrup's new book is Beginner's Grace and is a book about prayer: learning about it, thinking about it, finding occasions to engage in it. Kate talks about occasions of prayer that are present in one's everyday life, and offers some simple words that people can use if they don't already have their own. She describes prayer as … Continue reading Kate Braestrup’s new book

Fun with tweens on the weekend

My tween daughter invited a friend to spend the day, and as the 7 hours loomed ominously unfilled ahead of us, I wondered:  What the heck should we do?   First, I decided to do something for me: I had a 20% coupon to Kennebooks in Kennebunk so that was our first stop. A quick check of the local … Continue reading Fun with tweens on the weekend

Val Walker at Kennebooks

Val Walker came to Kennebooks to talk about her new book The Art of Comforting. This author's talk started off feeling like a course in sociology, as she described different models of counseling (companioning, relational....), but then it quickly became more personal, as she related some examples of comforting from occasions in her own life when … Continue reading Val Walker at Kennebooks

Tess Gerritsen at Kennebooks

Tess Gerritsen came to speak at Kennebooks last week. If you aren't familiar with her work, you are missing out. She is a local author, from Cape Elizabeth. She currently writes predominantly murder mysteries, often with a medical theme (hey, she is a doctor, after all!). She started out her career by writing romances...she certainly has … Continue reading Tess Gerritsen at Kennebooks

Kate Braestrup at Kennebooks

Kennebooks in Kennebunk hosted a book reading and signing Thursday evening with Kate Braestrup. She is a Chaplain for the Maine Warden Service by day...and author by night (well, this night, anyway). The bookstore staffers let us know that Kate would be arriving late, but then they started bringing out the refreshments, so the crowd … Continue reading Kate Braestrup at Kennebooks