Taping an interview for TV

It was my great pleasure and good fortune to be invited to be on Write Now with Gayle Heney.  I met Gayle at the New England Authors Expo last summer. After the taping date was confirmed, a helpful email arrived with instructions for how to get there, what to wear, where to park... But back … Continue reading Taping an interview for TV


Look what I FOUND at FOUND!

I followed the articles in the local papers about the evolution of FOUND, a shop that is the vision of FOUNDer 🙂 Pamela Bennett. Pamela wanted to showcase the talents of Maine women (and some men!) who create from the heart and give them a venue in which to make their products available to people who … Continue reading Look what I FOUND at FOUND!

Fashion Plate

So many people have said, "Hey, where'd you get that blouse?" to me lately that I felt compelled, for the first time ever, to discuss my clothing. Yep. This blog is about my blouse. I first saw this blouse about 4 years ago in an online ad. I loved it! I thought, it would be … Continue reading Fashion Plate