Critters in the Attic Update

Critter free, day three. I'm feeling hopeful and confident enough to say what we did to have driven them away for good. Well, there was some activity in my bathroom ceiling above the shower. I turned on the exhaust fan and left it running around the clock for a couple of days (okay, all week) and I didn't … Continue reading Critters in the Attic Update


Critter Crusade, Part 2

So, the baits we (read: 'he', my husband; he did the actual crawling around up in the crawl space) put out yesterday were not effective. It sounds now as if the critters brought in some reinforcements, so we were forced to regroup and redouble our efforts. First stop: Tractor Supply Company in Sanford. Anyone who has … Continue reading Critter Crusade, Part 2