Mother’s monkey mind

On a recent episode of The Middle, the mom Frankie got it wrong. For mother's day, she thought she wanted the entire day to herself, free of husband and children, to do whatever she wanted to. This was a classic episode of "be careful what you wish for" because all she managed to do that … Continue reading Mother’s monkey mind

Brave New Girls

The other night I went to the Talent Show at my daughter's junior high school. The cost of $5 per person was a bit off-putting at first, but when I learned that all of the money raised was for charity (to help in Japan, Haiti, and here at home), I didn't mind. They also held a bake … Continue reading Brave New Girls

Spring chicks update, week 5: Teens in transition

The peeps have graduated!!!  They are "teenagers" now...each week in a chicken's life roughly corresponding to 3 to 4 years in an adult's life (in my non-expert opinion). They are big enough to move to the transitional coop where they can see the big chickens and the big chickens can see them. This gives both … Continue reading Spring chicks update, week 5: Teens in transition

Post Easter Post

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, having somehow escaped the drama and bad memories with which  many of the other major holidays are fraught  for me. Although the bunny is now known to be Mom and Dad by both kids, we continue the traditions that we started when they were little. We fill a basket … Continue reading Post Easter Post

Famous (Dave’s) Birthday Girl

I always wonder how best to celebrate my kids' birthdays. Every year there is some sort of friends' party and then a family celebration to cap things off on the actual day of birth. This year, my daughter turned twelve: the last bastion of childhood, the threshold of teenhood. The friends' party was at Get … Continue reading Famous (Dave’s) Birthday Girl

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Have you noticed that there has been a span of several weeks with no G-rated (or PG, for that matter) choices for movies? After a long hiatus, enter (finally!) something that my daughter and I both wanted to see: the Wimpy Kid sequel, based on the book by Jeff Kinney, which I thought I'd bought … Continue reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Sunday with tweens

I took my daughter to see Rango. Johnny Depp or no Johnny Depp, I couldn't have cared less about seeing this movie. I took her because we had nothing better to do. I took her because it was the only kids movie playing. I took her because I couldn't concentrate on writing anymore and needed … Continue reading Sunday with tweens

Kennebunk Winterfest with tweens

The Kennebunk 2011 Winterfest was yesterday in (you guessed it) Kennebunk, Maine. It was great that it wasn't February 25th, since we got (yet another unwelcome) snowstorm. It was fun, but would have been more so if it had been about 10 degrees warmer (I'm just sayin'). It kicked off with a pancake breakfast at … Continue reading Kennebunk Winterfest with tweens

What this woman got: Valentine edition, part 3

First order of business: skip the gym. My husband and I had planned to celebrate the day during the child-free hours we had, from 7am until about 3:30pm (the school day). There was a medical appointment (mine) at 10:30am, but that was quick and we didn't let it mess up our day. Which was good, … Continue reading What this woman got: Valentine edition, part 3

Celebrating with the kids: Valentine edition, part 2

My Valentine's Day started off great with a bouquet of flowers, with yellow (my favorite) being the dominant color. from my husband. I received them on Thursday night, since he would be at work for the next several days. I love flowers and was completely surprised (and thrilled!) with my gift. I got to take … Continue reading Celebrating with the kids: Valentine edition, part 2