A bird in the hand

One of my roles is Farmer (well, Wife of Farmer, to be more accurate). As such, I have a morning (and evening) routine when the primary farmer is away. Get coffee. (Get coffee is always Rule Number One, no matter what). 🙂 Feed the Teenager Chickens in the transitional coop; refill their water as needed. … Continue reading A bird in the hand


Spring chicks update, week 5: Teens in transition

The peeps have graduated!!!  They are "teenagers" now...each week in a chicken's life roughly corresponding to 3 to 4 years in an adult's life (in my non-expert opinion). They are big enough to move to the transitional coop where they can see the big chickens and the big chickens can see them. This gives both … Continue reading Spring chicks update, week 5: Teens in transition

Peeps update: week 2

So, week two with the peeps and life is good. Losses have been  minimal (despite the frigid temperatures after the balmy ones and a malfunctioning heat lamp). In about 5 months, our egg production should be through the roof. We're gathering about 30 (or more!) eggs per day now and the peeps are eating and … Continue reading Peeps update: week 2

New Arrivals

The new peeps were born last Wednesday and scheduled to arrive on Thursday, Friday the latest, through the mail. We did order from a new vendor, one we hadn't ordered from in the past. We chose them this time because they allowed us to buy 20 at a time instead of 25. They were cheap; … Continue reading New Arrivals


So, there are still a few days left of spring, the time when a young man's fancy lightly turns to... chicks! You know, the kind that come from hens (we're talking flock expansion here). We have been anxiously awaiting the call from Longhorn since last week's false alarm, when the anticipated arrival date (June 11th) came and went … Continue reading Spring!

reasons to keep a (possible) rooster

recently my husband was at the feed store getting (you guessed it!) feed and supplies for the chickens. in the chick brooder outside, there were baby chicks and while he was waiting, he stopped to take a peep (:)) at them. Longhorn is a good source for baby chickens if you are looking for just a few … Continue reading reasons to keep a (possible) rooster