It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a garage?…NO! It’s a barn!

This is the little structure that could. It started out life as a garage, a two-car garage to be specific. It lived its quiet, two-car garage life for 15 years. Then we bought the house that it was cohabitating with, and then...everything changed. It started slowly...First, Bill didn't want to sacrifice the entire garage, and also … Continue reading It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a garage?…NO! It’s a barn!


Menaces in the garden

The garden is doing great. I might have even said amazingly great, if my husband didn't find the disgusting green tomato destroyers munching on the vines this week. May I just take one moment to say 'Ew'?  They are very hard to see (think Where's Waldo); hanging on to the stems their gross little legs … Continue reading Menaces in the garden

A bird in the hand

One of my roles is Farmer (well, Wife of Farmer, to be more accurate). As such, I have a morning (and evening) routine when the primary farmer is away. Get coffee. (Get coffee is always Rule Number One, no matter what). 🙂 Feed the Teenager Chickens in the transitional coop; refill their water as needed. … Continue reading A bird in the hand

Spring chicks update, week 5: Teens in transition

The peeps have graduated!!!  They are "teenagers" now...each week in a chicken's life roughly corresponding to 3 to 4 years in an adult's life (in my non-expert opinion). They are big enough to move to the transitional coop where they can see the big chickens and the big chickens can see them. This gives both … Continue reading Spring chicks update, week 5: Teens in transition

Peeps update: week 2

So, week two with the peeps and life is good. Losses have been  minimal (despite the frigid temperatures after the balmy ones and a malfunctioning heat lamp). In about 5 months, our egg production should be through the roof. We're gathering about 30 (or more!) eggs per day now and the peeps are eating and … Continue reading Peeps update: week 2

Expanding the flock~(revised) proving to be no easy task this spring. My husband anxiously anticipated the arrival of the chick catalogues, nad contacted some new (to us) hatcheries for their catalogues, and planned to get some chicks from New Mexico in March and from Texas in June. At the end of February they wouldn't accept the March … Continue reading Expanding the flock~(revised)

Winter bounty

Lately we've been getting so many eggs because we've (well, full disclosure: it's mostly been my husband) been working on the timing of new chicks. . . the September 1st chicks have now begun laying brown eggs. In the spring, we will refresh the white and green egg layers. We used to only get new chicks … Continue reading Winter bounty

The Chicken Whisperer

This morning, as I was rushing around the coop, trying to let the chickens out in their run, feed them, and give them a treat before I left for work, one of the smaller ones slipped past me and got out into the garage. I wasn't too concerned at first, hoping that she would hear … Continue reading The Chicken Whisperer

Eggstra special breakfast

A double yoked egg! I decided to cook a big breakfast last Sunday morning, so my daughter and I headed to the kitchen to strategize. Me: Pumpkin Pancakes? Izzy: No. Me: Waffles? Iz: No. Me: Bacon and eggs? Iz: Yes! And sausage! Well, no surprise there; that's almost always her breakfast of choice (we do … Continue reading Eggstra special breakfast

Garden update: November

Remember the (multiple) posts I've written about how much chickens love pumpkins? Well my husband did a wild and crazy thing: he bartered with the local Walmart and struck a world-class deal to help rid them of all of their end of season pumpkins. (After all, as soon as Halloween is over they have to make … Continue reading Garden update: November