Book Review: What on Earth am I Doing Here?

To be honest, I didn't want to read this book. Why? Because it's about a difficult subject: The Holocaust. I have read extensively about this topic, watched movies (okay, with my glasses off for most of them-and I am extremely nearsighted), visited memorials, and discussed it in classes. I thought I was done.   And … Continue reading Book Review: What on Earth am I Doing Here?


My foremothers

This is the first Mother's Day in 3 years that I have had the day off from work. YAY! It gave me more time to spend with my kids, for which I am endlessly grateful. It also gave me more time for reflection, for which I am also very grateful. In years past, I have … Continue reading My foremothers

Mother’s monkey mind

On a recent episode of The Middle, the mom Frankie got it wrong. For mother's day, she thought she wanted the entire day to herself, free of husband and children, to do whatever she wanted to. This was a classic episode of "be careful what you wish for" because all she managed to do that … Continue reading Mother’s monkey mind

women of note

my daughter and i went to see Women of Note in Kennebunk on Mother's Day, as we have for the past several years in a row. we appreciate that this free concert is given year after year, hosted by the Atria and open to the public. The concert lasts about an hour and there are hors … Continue reading women of note