A simple daily practice

I learned this daily practice from a webinar that Bob Proctor gave recently. This is my interpretation of the process: *Write down 10 things for which you are grateful. *Send loving-kindess to 3 people who feel challenging to you. *Sit for 5 minutes and ask for guidance for the day. That's it. I decided to … Continue reading A simple daily practice


My first radio interview at Elemental Energies with Chris Ann

I had the good luck to be Chris Ann's guest on her live radio talk show last night on unitedpaganradio.net (WUPR). What a great experience! Chris Ann made me at home from the moment I entered her studio. We talked about my book and my other writings and doings. We also discussed ways of manifesting things … Continue reading My first radio interview at Elemental Energies with Chris Ann

Meditation 101

I started meditating a few months ago as part of giveit100.com  I put in my 100 days and then guess what! I didn't stop. I kept on going. I meditate every day now (sometimes more than once). I am a meditator. What was different about this time? I got out of my own way. I stopped … Continue reading Meditation 101

New kid in town

Maybe you, like me, have wondered about the new signage in front of a house on Rt 1 in Wells, the one that says The LoveLight Center. What's up with that? I saw a flag waving "OPEN" at me yesterday so I took a chance (remember, I'm brave in 2015!) and ran in. I met … Continue reading New kid in town

My 100th day

Today is my 100th consecutive day of meditating. One hundredth. Consecutive. Day. I know, right? Prior to this, my meditation practice never lasted more than a few moments, if it occurred to me to do it at all, and then sometimes it consisted only of the thought,"Gee, I really should meditate," or even better (or … Continue reading My 100th day

100 days of…WHAT?

I kept seeing the giveit100.com mentioned on...where? Facebook, probably. Finally I looked into it. The idea is you make a ten second video every day of you doing your chosen activity and upload it to their website. In one of the articles, a woman was telling how she chose doing push-ups. Day one she could … Continue reading 100 days of…WHAT?

Midlife Monkey Mind

I've been on overload these past few weeks, with my mind overly full of stress-inducing thoughts. Sleeping has been a challenge. Lying awake from 1:30-4:30am two nights ago, I trotted out all my tricks for putting myself back to sleep: saying my ABC's, counting backward from 100, tensing and relaxing muscle groups, saying the So … Continue reading Midlife Monkey Mind

Spaciousness (or: A Theory of Relativity)

In the book What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, she talks about the idea of spacious days. What a concept!!!! Mostly, my days feel jam-packed to me, without a moment to spare for anything. That's how I usually think about them, at least. My to-do list is longer than my arm. I suspect that other mothers … Continue reading Spaciousness (or: A Theory of Relativity)

Water torture? Not!

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~Wayne Dyer Last night I was trying to shut off my (monkey) mind long enough to fall asleep when I became aware of a noise that at first I couldn't place. What was it? Oh no...drip, drip, drip....It was water. … Continue reading Water torture? Not!