Goodbye, my friend

A very dear person passed away over the weekend. I met Karen when I worked with her at Sirona several years ago. We worked together via the telephone, so actually our voices met first! As many of you may know, you can tell a lot about someone by their voice. I liked her right away. … Continue reading Goodbye, my friend


Hello from Heaven

As I recently wrote, my son moved into his new apartment. Apartments, as we all know, usually need furniture. As a mother, I want to (over) help him with this. When I got my first apartment, my mother and my grandmother went to great lengths to make sure I had everything I might need or … Continue reading Hello from Heaven

Book Review: Celebrating Death

When I discovered that one of my colleagues wrote a book, I couldn't wait to read it.  The book is Celebrating Death: A Guidebook for Dying Well by Esther Shapiro, R.N., Msc.D. The author comes by her expertise regarding death both personally and professionally, and she generously shares her hard-won insights regarding her experiences from both. … Continue reading Book Review: Celebrating Death

The Song of Karen (or whoever)

I went to the Crystal Harp Healing Session at The LoveLight Center with an open mind. I wasn't sure what the 'healing' part was about, but I have heard Cheryl play that instrument before, and that was worth going back for. There were about 9 of us seated in a circle. Shoes were shed at … Continue reading The Song of Karen (or whoever)

Long time no see

I went to see Melissa at Deep Blue Truth in Kennebunk today. I go every year (at least once) near my birthday as a present to myself. I always get messages from one or more of my friends and relatives that have died, and today was no exception. When they come through, they always talk … Continue reading Long time no see

Pi(e) Day

National Pie Day was January 23rd this year. I missed it. The "other" pie day is March 14. This Pi Day, the math Pi Day, is the second chance for those people who missed the first one. You know, like me. Like I do every year. Every year for the past several years in the … Continue reading Pi(e) Day


I recently spent a few minutes (okay, hours) trolling the Facebook news feed and something caught my eye. Someone (sorry, I have no idea who or what or when exactly) posted that every time you see a red cardinal, that is a sign that a loved one that has died is saying hello to you, … Continue reading Cardinals

Pennies from heaven

Ever heard that our loved ones that have died sometimes come back to visit and when they do, they often leave clues for us that they are/have been here? There's even a poem written about it! Well, this week I've found pennies on the floor in my house unexpectedly on three separate occasions. It reminded … Continue reading Pennies from heaven

Chaos Theory

When everything around you is falling apart, it can feel like the world is going to end (or maybe you wish that it would). Maybe you're doing your level best to keep things harmonious in your life, but then somehow you lose your focus for a split second. You make a bad decision and suddenly … Continue reading Chaos Theory

The ides of March~Grieving my dead relatives part 5

John I always liked the sound of "The Ides of March" from when I'd first come upon the phrase in my reading of Shakespeare. In 1998, it took on a new meaning: the day that my father died. He was on hospice so his death was no surprise. My mother's (who had died 2 years … Continue reading The ides of March~Grieving my dead relatives part 5