The BRAVE Interview #3 October 2016: Sheila Brownlow

Here is #3 in The BRAVE Interview series! It’s the Who, What, When, Where, How,  (and sometimes Why) of YOUR ‘one brave thing’! November's interview is with Sheila Brownlow! WHO AM I?  Sheila Brownlow MY ONE BRAVE THING—when, where, with whom:  I have stopped discussing eating, how upset I am at my eating, how much I weigh, … Continue reading The BRAVE Interview #3 October 2016: Sheila Brownlow


Working from home, week one

At the end of my first week working from home, I thought I'd reflect a little on how it's all going. There were several things that I knew would be different, but my days are shaping up to be much different from how I envisioned them. One of my friends said that she was worried that she'd be … Continue reading Working from home, week one

The 6 W’s diet

I was talking with someone the other day about her desire to lose weight. She and her friend were working on their weight and following a diet. "Which one?" I asked her. "The 6 W's diet," she replied. "What's that?" I asked. Since I work in the healthcare field, I thought I'd heard of them all, but this one … Continue reading The 6 W’s diet

The math of less and more

Okay, as you all probably know, I don't love to exercise. In the spirit of being sprung by Spring, though, I am trying to develop some exercise-program-momentum and keep moving.  Because I don't have to be at work until noon today instead of 9am (that's a whole 'nother story that I won't get started on … Continue reading The math of less and more

Put the ‘OM’ in O(at)Meal

McDonald's has a new(ish) menu item. Believe it or not, it's oatmeal. I know! I mean, seriously, right? If I'm going to McDonald's, I'm going for a quarter pounder (no cheese!), not  "health" food! But one day I needed a quick breakfast and my nice friend Pauline had given me a coupon for a free … Continue reading Put the ‘OM’ in O(at)Meal

Conscious eating, Part 3

So, now that more weeks have passed and I have totally not given the Women, Food, and God  (by Geneen Roth) approach a passing thought until today, I decided to recommit to some of the strategies I have learned along the weight loss way. Drink 16 oz of water before every meal. This can be … Continue reading Conscious eating, Part 3

Book Club at Mekong Thai

This month's meeting was at Mekong Thai in Wells. The six of us met there at 6pm and were given a nice table by the windows, which they opened to give us some fresh air (a 65 degree evening in Maine in late October? Booyah!). The wait staff was lovely, solicitous, and helpful. Lemon for … Continue reading Book Club at Mekong Thai

Life in the cube

I was sitting in my cube at work (hour 10), checking out Mayo Clinic's website for anything new. I found a video of people working at treadmill desks. I do not have a treadmill desk. Currently, I sit in my cube (to borrow a line from Sandra Bullock in the movie While You Were Sleeping) for 10.5 hours a … Continue reading Life in the cube

Women Food and God

Women Food and God: an unexpected path to almost everything is written by Geneen Roth, who has written many books about compulsive eating and weight. She will be presenting a program at Kripalu in Lenox, MA this September. She has been on the Oprah show and some of her writings are on Oprah's website as well.  … Continue reading Women Food and God