Conscious eating (WF&G week 2)

There I was,  in week 2. Here is what I've learned:  conscious eating is hard. Applying those 7 principles is hard.  Regarding principle #3:  It is very hard to not do another blessed thing when you are eating, ever. Plus, I totally miss reading while I'm eating if I am eating alone. Regarding principle #2:  It also is hard … Continue reading Conscious eating (WF&G week 2)

Women Food and God

Women Food and God: an unexpected path to almost everything is written by Geneen Roth, who has written many books about compulsive eating and weight. She will be presenting a program at Kripalu in Lenox, MA this September. She has been on the Oprah show and some of her writings are on Oprah's website as well.  … Continue reading Women Food and God