I was pulled right in to the conversation between the angel and the woman at the outset of the book. But, is it an angel? Who is this woman?  I have many questions and so I press on, intensely interested in how the answers would they reveal themselves. This is not only a story of compassion; … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: ANGEL OF EVENTIDE by Elle Powers


Hello from Heaven

As I recently wrote, my son moved into his new apartment. Apartments, as we all know, usually need furniture. As a mother, I want to (over) help him with this. When I got my first apartment, my mother and my grandmother went to great lengths to make sure I had everything I might need or … Continue reading Hello from Heaven

Message from Mom

So I had a visit last night from my mother. She died in 1996. She visited me in a dream. She was wearing a long white dress that was cinched in at the waist with a sash that I think was also white. I should note that she never dressed like that in real life.  … Continue reading Message from Mom

New kid in town

Maybe you, like me, have wondered about the new signage in front of a house on Rt 1 in Wells, the one that says The LoveLight Center. What's up with that? I saw a flag waving "OPEN" at me yesterday so I took a chance (remember, I'm brave in 2015!) and ran in. I met … Continue reading New kid in town

Telling our story

I was at a craft show a couple of weekends ago. The weather was awful--freezing rain coating the icy snow on the ground that fell overnight. As soon as I got through the door, I stopped to shake it off of me. The first thing I saw was a table of scarves and hats, and … Continue reading Telling our story

Angels dropping a dime

I dreamed about my mother last night. We were in the house she grew up in and ultimately died in. We were standing together on the back porch, looking out at the snow-covered street. It was very sunny and bright, and we were watching a plow making its way through the snow drifts, clearing a … Continue reading Angels dropping a dime

Angels and the creative process

Instead of writing my blog post and article and more NaNoWriMo words yesterday afternoon (and well into the evening...), I helped my tween daughter with her project for school. The assignment was to make a collage that showcased the following: Your career aspirations Your interests Your talents Something else that I can't remember (*midlife … Continue reading Angels and the creative process

Angels at Clay Hill Farm, part 2

I attended the Angel Dinner the other night with a friend and I loved it. I wasn't sure what to expect, so if you are wondering how it works, let me clue you in. You come in and are seated by the waitress. Ruth Kramer is the Intuitive featured at Clay Hill Farm's Angel Readings. She … Continue reading Angels at Clay Hill Farm, part 2

Angels at Clay Hill Farm

My friend Kristen recently offered me the gift of angels in the form of a visit to my house. It had strings attached, however. One must, after hosting the aforementioned angels for a period of time, send them on their merry way to the households of three other people. I could not think of three … Continue reading Angels at Clay Hill Farm

Angels at the beach

I was walking at the beach with my daughter and my husband the other day. I was thinking about how big she'd gotten, which led to thoughts of her at different ages throughout the years, and how I received that sign from my dad that I was pregnant with her. Of course, thinking about one … Continue reading Angels at the beach