Re-entry; it’s a…(well, YOU know)

So, first day back to work after a few (or many) days off is always difficult, right? Add to that being sick and having major dental work the day before, and you've just added a heap of insult to injury. The sound of that alarm going off for the first time in days was a rude … Continue reading Re-entry; it’s a…(well, YOU know)


The best yoga class ever!

Last night was a special yoga class at Windsong Yoga Studio in South Berwick. My friend Kristen (right in the center) is the instructor, and she teaches nice blend of many different styles of yoga. She has studied with some of the top teachers in the United States,  including Doug Keller, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, and Judith Lasater, … Continue reading The best yoga class ever!

Dinner, revised

As I was rushing to get out the door the other morning, trying to make it to the gym before my workday, I heard my daughter say to my husband, "What's for supper tonight?" He replied, "I don't know yet. What do you want to have?" I didn't hear the response, having made it outside … Continue reading Dinner, revised

Eggstra special breakfast

A double yoked egg! I decided to cook a big breakfast last Sunday morning, so my daughter and I headed to the kitchen to strategize. Me: Pumpkin Pancakes? Izzy: No. Me: Waffles? Iz: No. Me: Bacon and eggs? Iz: Yes! And sausage! Well, no surprise there; that's almost always her breakfast of choice (we do … Continue reading Eggstra special breakfast

Garden update: November

Remember the (multiple) posts I've written about how much chickens love pumpkins? Well my husband did a wild and crazy thing: he bartered with the local Walmart and struck a world-class deal to help rid them of all of their end of season pumpkins. (After all, as soon as Halloween is over they have to make … Continue reading Garden update: November

Book Club at Mekong Thai

This month's meeting was at Mekong Thai in Wells. The six of us met there at 6pm and were given a nice table by the windows, which they opened to give us some fresh air (a 65 degree evening in Maine in late October? Booyah!). The wait staff was lovely, solicitous, and helpful. Lemon for … Continue reading Book Club at Mekong Thai

The garden’s last gasp

So I went out to see what was left in the garden, and was surprised to find that there actually was something left. A handful of cherry tomatoes, a japanese eggplant, and the sole orange bell pepper that was produced by that plant. There is also some basil, beets, carrots...lettuce and spinach coming up that … Continue reading The garden’s last gasp


Fall is a time when a young(ish) woman's thoughts lightly turn to...pumpkin muffins! What is a better harbinger of the new season? I ask you.  Pumpkin muffin is a term that should be used loosely; more of a suggestion than an edict. There are many different versions of the pumpkin muffin.  Here are a few:  … Continue reading Fall!

Eat, Pray, Love

  Eat, Pray, Love came to theaters in movie form on August 13, 2010.  If you read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert (published by Viking in February 2006) like I did, you may have been eagerly anticipating the release of this movie. I know I certainly was.   Then I saw a trailer for the movie, and … Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love

Exercise? Ugh!

Some people love exercise; I am not one of those people. I like to eat big, however, so I have to (at least sometimes) engage in physical activity of some sort to avoid doubling in size. I subscribe to the idea that little (read: bearable)  increments of exercise throughout the day that add up to a half … Continue reading Exercise? Ugh!