Girls’ Night

On the (rare) days when the male members of the family are off at work, but the females have the day off, we have a Girls' Night. Today, Girls' Nights started early, at 7:24AM. The men were out for the day so the females were left to  our own pursuits. This is what my daughter … Continue reading Girls’ Night


Exercise? Ugh!

Some people love exercise; I am not one of those people. I like to eat big, however, so I have to (at least sometimes) engage in physical activity of some sort to avoid doubling in size. I subscribe to the idea that little (read: bearable)  increments of exercise throughout the day that add up to a half … Continue reading Exercise? Ugh!

Rule #1

my daughter fell off her horse at her riding lesson last week. her instructor said something like, “is this your first time falling off a horse?” fortunately, her dad brought her to that lesson, not her mom, so there were no hysterics involved. when he asked her what happened, why she fell, she said, “I … Continue reading Rule #1

when you don’t know what you don’t know

i signed my daughter up for horseback riding lessons at a local barn. i don't ride and am not very familiar with horses so although i was confused about a few things i saw happening there, i chalked it up to my own ignorance and just kept bringing her back... but i also kept a close eye on her while she rode. after a … Continue reading when you don’t know what you don’t know