Garden update: end of May

The veggies are in! Found some interesting tomato varieties and practiced supreme self control by not buying all of them. New tomatoes (so far) for me this year are Taxi, Chiquita, Mr Stripey. Old standbys that are returning: Sweet 100's, Lemon Boy, Brandywine, Black Cherry, a couple of Romas. I am told by the Master Gardner … Continue reading Garden update: end of May


The garden’s last gasp

So I went out to see what was left in the garden, and was surprised to find that there actually was something left. A handful of cherry tomatoes, a japanese eggplant, and the sole orange bell pepper that was produced by that plant. There is also some basil, beets, carrots...lettuce and spinach coming up that … Continue reading The garden’s last gasp

Sad day for tomatoes

Well, I have some distressing news today: they have come. The dreaded tomato horned worm has invaded my tomato garden. In all of the years that I've been growing tomatoes, this is a (terrible) first. I guess it's true: if you plant it, they will come.  It's especially depressing because (for once!) this has such … Continue reading Sad day for tomatoes

8 tips for shopping at the farmers market

the farmers market is unofficially open in portland, maine (and maybe where you are too). here are some ideas to get you started off on the right foot: bring a bag! preferably a reusable shopping bag vs those plastic ones (although these are available from the farmers if you do forget your bag. which I … Continue reading 8 tips for shopping at the farmers market