Stocking stuffers for the kids

Just in case the edict "Write what you know" is true, I thought that just maybe it's cousin, "Buy what you know," may also be true. In this post, I'll do both; it will be in relation to teens and tweens stocking stuffers. Okay, so my teen is recently promoted to "twenty-something", but I still have … Continue reading Stocking stuffers for the kids


Alternative Christmas Songs

*I am republishing this list from last year. I haven't heard any songs in 2011 that I feel compelled to add to it. Enjoy! The Waitresses: Christmas Wrapping The Killers: Don't Shoot Me Santa Adam Sandler: The Hanukkah Song Sarah Silverman: Give the Jew Girl Toys Bob Rivers: The 12 Pains of Christmas Bob and … Continue reading Alternative Christmas Songs

Christmas Music and other minutiae

Since I'm feeling all Christmas-y at the moment, and since (more importantly) I have a huge leg up on my Christmas shopping (and wrapping) this year, I decided to write a little more about Christmas.  Here are some random thoughts: When I was wrapping up the gifts I'd bought so far this year, I had the presence … Continue reading Christmas Music and other minutiae

Making Gingerbread Houses

I admit it: prior to yesterday I was a Gingerbread House Virgin. Through twenty-plus years of motherhood, I'd managed to avoid ever baking, never mind decorating, a gingerbread house. The desire just was not there. I couldn't have been less interested. Then something incredible happened: I wanted to make one.  Something shifted inside me and … Continue reading Making Gingerbread Houses

Mother’s monkey mind

On a recent episode of The Middle, the mom Frankie got it wrong. For mother's day, she thought she wanted the entire day to herself, free of husband and children, to do whatever she wanted to. This was a classic episode of "be careful what you wish for" because all she managed to do that … Continue reading Mother’s monkey mind

Post Easter Post

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, having somehow escaped the drama and bad memories with which  many of the other major holidays are fraught  for me. Although the bunny is now known to be Mom and Dad by both kids, we continue the traditions that we started when they were little. We fill a basket … Continue reading Post Easter Post

What this woman got: Valentine edition, part 3

First order of business: skip the gym. My husband and I had planned to celebrate the day during the child-free hours we had, from 7am until about 3:30pm (the school day). There was a medical appointment (mine) at 10:30am, but that was quick and we didn't let it mess up our day. Which was good, … Continue reading What this woman got: Valentine edition, part 3

What do women want? Valentine edition Part 1

Maybe you've been happily married for many years, and have successfully navigated several Valentine's Day holidays. Maybe you've had some great successes with figuring out what your spouse might like, and then actually being able to deliver it. One thing that you can do for your female significant other that will almost definitely be well … Continue reading What do women want? Valentine edition Part 1

You, Mii, and Wii

Hate exercise? Mii too.  Well, I do if you are referring to Going to the gym Jogging Stairmaster Shoveling If you've been reading my blog for a while, you are not shocked by this admission. I do to practice yoga and like to hula hoop, but getting exercise is a byproduct (for me) of the … Continue reading You, Mii, and Wii

My new year’s word: Part 2

I finally did choose my one word for 2011; my word is:  EDIT. I'm loving this word for many reasons. I can actually remember it! It works its way up from my unconscious with very little effort on my part. Bam! It's there, remember to 'edit'! It applies to my Pantry Project: use the food I have … Continue reading My new year’s word: Part 2