Stocking stuffers for the kids

Just in case the edict “Write what you know” is true, I thought that just maybe it’s cousin, “Buy what you know,” may also be true. In this post, I’ll do both; it will be in relation to teens and tweens stocking stuffers. Okay, so my teen is recently promoted to “twenty-something”, but I still have a good solid history of stuffing that particular stocking for all of the years intervening from tween to twenty.

Here’s what’s worked for me in years gone by, in no particular order:

  1. Nail polish and remover; maybe a little manicure implement set (girls).
  2. Their favorite candy.
  3. Their favorite gum.
  4. iTunes gift cards: you can get the $10 ones in a multi-pack and split them up, maybe save some for upcoming birthdays.
  5. A game for their favorite handheld device (can you say Nintendo 3DS?).
  6. Boys: Beef Jerky; but make sure it’s the right flavor (P.S. Good luck with that!); in my house it’s Black Pepper. I think. Oh, shoot!
  7. Girls: Anything from Bath and Body Works (come to think of it, this would be good for Mom, too).
  8. An ornament: maybe something themed that fits in with an activity that they were interested in this past year: cheering, sports teams, favorite movie.
  9. (Speaking of movies…): Movie passes.
  10. Gloves, socks, hats, mittens, T-shirts, underwear…rolled up to fill the toe of the stocking if you’re getting short on cash and long on empty space that needs a-fillin’.
  11. Brand new Crayolas, fun pens, colored twisty pencils, purple glue sticks that dry clear.
  12. Post it notes shaped like hearts or stars or that say “BFF” on them.
  13. SD cards for their cameras, memory sticks for their data.
  14. You can get purse-sized planners from the  Christmas Tree Shop and the Dollar Tree for (you guessed it) a buck.
  15. A new CD (Now That’s What I Call Music 40).  Anyone? Anyone?
  16. Decent ear buds for their iPods/mp3’s/any audio/video/gaming device that you don’t feel like listening to 24/7…is that wrong??
  17. A Tide Pen. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.
  18. Books: The Eat This Not That 2012, or for the tweens there’s a kids version.
  19. Cute shoe laces: Kohl’s has neon colors, zebra prints, all kids of fun in the shoe department.
  20. Moms: troll your jewelry box for your tween girls. There must be something in there that you haven’t worn in a dog’s age that could be spiffed up for your t(w)een.
  21. Vitamin Water, lemonade zero calorie flavor. I don’t know why. For the tween girl. These are good because you can usually get them for about a buck and because they take up lots of space (see #10).

Of course, some of these are pricey enough to be wrapped up as bona fide presents. Do with these suggestions as you see fit.

I hope this helps! 😀


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