The story of Sheri

sheri blogMy husband’s friend Bob died earlier this year.

My friend Sheri died earlier this week.

Early in 2006, Sheri became my mentor at my new job. Shortly thereafter, Sheri became my friend.

To be fair, she was pretty much everybody’s friend. She was just one of those warm, kind, caring people to whom others gravitated.

Need a hand with something? Sheri’s hand was the first one offered. Totally messed up your knitting project? Sheri would have it all straightened out for you in a snap without making you feel like you were the most inept knitter in the world (which, you know, you really were). Need support for your idea to bring in pies to work on National Pi Day? Sheri was right there, brainstorming how to help you get this awesome idea approved.

Sheri wasn’t feeling well last month, so she went to see her doctor. She thought she might get an extra day or two off from work. Instead, she got a terminal cancer diagnosis.

This is what I said to her:  Does that suck or what?

This is what she said to me: Did I tell you I got a llama? (Sheri knew that I loved llamas). His name is Lucas.

She heard about a llama that needed a home, so she put a pasture in her front yard and said, “Sure, we can take him.” Lucas came to live with them and spent time with the goats that she also took care of. One day when she went out a little late to feed the goats. they ran over to her and knocked her down. Lucas the llama saw this happen. He rushed to her side and stood there with her, watching over her, until someone came to help her up.
Lucas knows that he is a better llama for having known Sheri.

I am a better person for having known her.

Some random memories of Sheri:

  • The. Best. Knitter. Ever.
  • Raised rabbits
  • Was part of the Common Ground Fair every year
  • Loved Dunkin Donuts raspberry ice tea…and their chocolate chip cookies
  • Lover, rescuer, and caretaker of animals, big and small
  • Loved to troll the Portland Farmers Market every Wednesday morning
  • Browsed the cookbooks and the knitting books with me at Longfellow’s
  • Timed our breaks so we could eat and take walks together at work
  • Put in a big garden every year and put up the spoils

“They lived and laughed and loved and left.” James Joyce


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