Setting up a home office: the desk arrives

Finally! The desk.

We got the call that the desk had arrived at the furniture warehouse and was ready to be picked up. They offered one more time to deliver it and assemble it in our home for the low, low price of $75. We had already turned this down once, but on this particular day my husband (who also happened to be the picker upper and assembler) was busy in the garden.
“When can you do it?” he asked the guy. The answer was “Today,” so he said, “Okay, see you soon.”

Well, “soon” turned out to be an hour and a half later, a small truck bearing two men and the two parts of my desk arrived. This in itself was kind of confusing, since the warehouse was only 20 minutes away, but it soon became clear what had taken them so long, After coming in the house to announce their arrival and to see where the desk was going, they went back out to the truck and reappeared carrying the already assembled first half of the desk. Hmmm, recalling that the man had said it would cost $75 (first) to deliver the desk and (then) to assemble it, I naturally assumed he meant assemble it in my home. When the first piece was pushed up against the wall, I decided to just wait and see what happened next.
They disappeared again, then after a loud crash and much whispering, came back with the second half of the desk It soon became evident that something wasn’t right. My husband finally figured out that because they put the desk together elsewhere, they didn’t realize that it was supposed to be a “left return” and not (the more common)  “right return” and they put it together backwards.

Long story short, we got a replacement (they fortunately had a correct version in the warehouse) the same day and we didn’t pay the $75 delivery/set up charge (okay, so this last part was my idea~comp for pain and suffering). What was that about anyway? I mean. Sears only charges, what, $30 or $35 dollars to deliver a major appliance and will even take the old one with them when they leave ! Just sayin’.

P.S. I didn’t mean to make them cry!

P.P.S. The loud crash? That was our wreathe that was hanging intact on the front door when they arrived, and was lying in pieces on the coffee table in the living room after they left. They never said a word of apology (or anything else) to either me or my husband about breaking the wreathe…true professionals? Not!


2 thoughts on “Setting up a home office: the desk arrives

  1. Nice table. True professionals. Reminded me of the ‘professionals’ who shattered the glass of our TV stand during our last shifting.

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