Summer Vacation: What I actually DID do

You know how they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men..." to paraphrase John Steinbeck? Well, true that. Day 1: Friday:  The entire day did not end up being wasted waiting for the fridge to be delivered (and the accompanying emptying out and filling back up thereof) that I anticipated when the delivery … Continue reading Summer Vacation: What I actually DID do


What (I think) I am doing on my summer vacation

Nothing gets done without a plan, right? Write it down, make it happen, as the saying goes. Well, I'm writing it down. Universe? Make it happen! First, the not fun, obligatory things: Friday: waste the day emptying out the fridge and freezer into coolers with ice packs, then waiting for Sears to deliver our THIRD new … Continue reading What (I think) I am doing on my summer vacation

The Donut Hole

Donut Hole The Donut Hole ((207) 929-5060) is located in Buxton, ME and is a cute little place with a variety of offerings...all good. I found it one day when my daughter and I were on an errand for my husband: a run to pick up baby chicks at Andy's Agway, a truly taxing  job which required … Continue reading The Donut Hole

The first harbinger of spring

I have some  happy news for all of you that live here in southern Maine. Spring is nigh. How do I know this?  Because: THE DAIRY QUEEN IS OPENING TODAY!!!! If your family is anything like mine, you've been counting the days until the DQ reopened...well count no more. Now, after Memorial Day weekend and … Continue reading The first harbinger of spring

summer wish list Top Ten

Remember every fall when your new teacher would ask you to write an essay on "what I did on my summer vacation"? and you could never think of a thing? Well, how about getting a jump on things this year by writing "what I am going to do on my summer vacation"! Inspired by Laura … Continue reading summer wish list Top Ten