My first 100 Days of Grace

I was wondering once again this past Sunday why the heck I had chosen Grace to be my word--or more accurately, Grace had chosen me to be its person --this year. Brave, my word last year, was a great word! A word you can sink your teeth into! Get your mind around! Get a grip on! Grace … Continue reading My first 100 Days of Grace


My 100th day

Today is my 100th consecutive day of meditating. One hundredth. Consecutive. Day. I know, right? Prior to this, my meditation practice never lasted more than a few moments, if it occurred to me to do it at all, and then sometimes it consisted only of the thought,"Gee, I really should meditate," or even better (or … Continue reading My 100th day

100 days of…WHAT?

I kept seeing the mentioned on...where? Facebook, probably. Finally I looked into it. The idea is you make a ten second video every day of you doing your chosen activity and upload it to their website. In one of the articles, a woman was telling how she chose doing push-ups. Day one she could … Continue reading 100 days of…WHAT?